ATTENTION: For INFJ and INFP Types who are serious about growing your personality to the next level...
INFJs and iNFPs - Finally overcome indecision, feeling judged, a lack of assertiveness, caring too much, feeling misunderstood and avoiding the intimacy you crave... 
Most people don’t understand or validate how you experience life. Learn how to create and assert boundaries, find motivation and follow your own path... all while embracing your greatest gift of empathy instead of seeing it as a burden...

Dear INFP or INFJ,

Hi, it's Joel and Antonia from Personality Hacker.

We’ve been teaching personal growth and personality typology for almost a decade.

Each year we get hundreds of emails from INFJs and INFPs - like you - who ask us for coaching on how to navigate a world that often feels baffling.

After countless hours of coaching your type, we firmly believe that as an INFJ or INFP you have some AMAZING gifts the world doesn’t understand or appreciate. But you also experience specific challenges without a guide or mentor that can help you transform your gifts into solutions.

Here is the top 10 list of challenges that were reported by people of your type...

INFJ and INFP Challenges

  •   Finding Purpose
"I need passion and purpose to drive me and when I don't have that it's so hard to be motivated at times." - Charity, INFP

"I can't do just 'any old job'. My work has to be an extension of my personality and have a purpose." - Becky, INFJ

"My challenge: Finding purpose. There is a big difference between what I want out of life and what I'm getting out of it." - Michiel, INFP

"I want to find my purpose in life." - Kaylee, INFJ
  •   Establishing Boundaries
"I counsel a lot of people and have had to figure out the boundary between what is me and what is them." - Doug, INFJ

"Sometimes I let people walk all over me too much. It's hard for me to say no, I always felt guilty doing so." - Tasha, INFP

"My kindness, good intentions and compassion are sometimes abused by people... they don't hesitate pushing my boundaries. I blame myself." - Büşra, INFJ 

"My challenge: Setting boundaries with people that want to suck my time and my listening ear." - Laurita, INFP
  •   Overcoming Indecision
"I collect way too much information, whether it's before choosing a restaurant to eat at or making career decisions, and it causes me to be slow to action." - Quaarniah, INFP

"Top challenge: Making decisions because I see so many perspectives on life." - Jo, INFJ

"[I'm] Frozen in decision making since it is easy to see the many variables at play." Marena, INFP

"I have really fought myself in my decision making process." - Michael, INFJ

  •   Feeling Judged
Challenge: Coping with the fact that many people just can't 'see' who I really am and judge me on the surface." - Jill, INFJ

"I may not always show or allow myself to fully connect to what I’m feeling, but that’s only because I’m trying to protect myself from feeling too much or being judged." - Kat, INFP

"I feel judged by others and struggle to fit in or accept my uniqueness." - Krystina, INFJ

"My top challenge: Judgement from others regarding my sensitivity." - Arabella, INFP

  •   Desiring but Fearing Intimacy
"Challenge: Yearning for intimacy and closeness with the people I love, but often not knowing how." - Irene, INFP

"I literally get affected by every single thing which tends to happen to me: friendships, fear to trust someone... and one of the most worst fear[s] is to FALL FOR SOMEONE!" -Snehal, INFJ

"I crave and fear intimacy in equal measure." - Carrie, INFP

"My challenge: Intimacy, loneliness, and effectively using [my] secondary process such that [I am] more positively affected and in control over it." - Aristide, INFJ

  •   Time Management
"Because of my perfectionistic nature I find myself putting things off until a later date." - Caitlin, INFJ

"My top challenge? Time Management." - Rachel, INFP

"My challenge: Not finishing big projects. Getting bogged down in details. Procrastinating. Always thinking about new ones or focused on the future. Perfectionism." - Brad, INFJ

"Top 3 challenges: Procrastination, time management, just being in society where time exists." - Mai, INFP

  •   Lacking Assertiveness
"Top challenge: Feeling invisible." - Sharon, INFP

"Expressing myself, being assertive in conversation, and getting people to be interested in me as a person." - Meghan, INFJ

"It is quite hard for me to speak about my ideas, even when I am absolutely convinced of them." - Thomas, INFP

"I never want to come off like 'Mr. Know-It-All'. I am working on letting go and giving my knowledge and understanding a chance to be shared."    - Andrew, INFJ

  •   Lacking Motivation
"Finding motivation to do things that neither feel or logically appear necessary." - Ethan, INFJ

"I get into a slump of unmotivation that can be disabling at times, very hard to take action." - Leslie, INFP

"I know INFJs are supposed to have some big vision driving them, but I have trouble hanging on to it, or maybe even finding it. I often feel distracted, unfocused." - Marissa, INFJ

"It is easy to get overwhelmed by life and causes that are boring. It makes it difficult to get out of bed many days." - Andrew, INFP

  •   Anxiety
"Biggest challenge: Anxiety... lots of anxiety." - Ed, INFP

"[I'm] battling daily anxiety which warps my mental and physical energy." - Terri, INFJ

"Being aware of how different I was and constantly trying to "fit in" caused a lot of paranoia and anxiety about 'being myself'." - James, INFP

"Challenge: Social anxiety - how others view me, doing stuff with groups, small-talk." - Christine, INFJ

  •   Money Making / Being Financially Valued
"Top challenge: Creating a successful career (i.e. making money!) using my true gifts." - Wendy, INFJ

"My challenge: Finding a job that I can cope with... And that can cope with me." - Jennifer, INFP

"Finding meaningful work... I am educated and I enjoyed the challenges of academia, but its much more difficult to find a job in which I can challenged in the way that college did for me." - Travis, INFJ

"It seems like all the things others find easy are hard for me... [such as] finding meaningful employment that also provides an income." 
- Brendan, INFP

Finding a Mentor

In an article entitled, "The Importance of Finding a Mentor," Nellie Aklap said:

                                 When you have a mentor, you benefit from learning
                                 from someone who has already reached the point
                                where you are trying to get to. They understand the
                                sacrifices that need to be made, the pitfalls that should
                                be avoided, and the challenges that can arise along the way.

But how does someone find a mentor based on personality type? 

What if you could find a tribe of people who understand your unique challenges - not just how those challenges are manifest in the outer world, but the deep inner work that's needed to be done?

They understand how hard it can be and WHY it's hard for someone like you.

A council of people who have 'been there', who persevered, kept going, and now have both the rewards of overcoming and the learning that can be imparted to others - like you.

Think of the hours, days, weeks, years, even decades of time you could save just receiving a little bit of that wisdom!

We'd like to introduce you to... The Empowered Council

Six hand-selected, bad-ass INFJs and INFPs who have overcome all the challenges you reported you were experiencing:

  • They have found purpose.
  • ​They have solid boundaries, while making space for deeply intimate relationship.
  • ​They don't fear intimacy!
  • ​They have systems and rubrics for making good decisions.
  • ​They no longer fear being judged.
  • ​They are assertive, ask for what they want, and boldly move through the world.
  • ​They are motivated, and understand their true value in both money and respect.
  • ​They are liberated, have a sense of personal sovereignty, and have shed anxiety.
  • ​They manage their time, don't procrastinate and know they have power and impact in the world.
  • ​And they are so much more...
Our Hand Selected Empowered Council:
Annie Lalla
Cartographer of Love
As a relationship coach, Annie helps individuals attract, create and foster extraordinary connections that maximize freedom and minimize shame.

"Adulthood is when you get radically responsible for your emotional state."

In Annie's interview, you will learn...
 •  The secret to finding life purpose
 •  Maximizing your self-esteem
 •  How to overcome our fear of 'max 
 • Processing "disassociated" 
   emotions that haunt you
 • The key to building intimacy
 • Overcoming indecision
 • A better way to fight
 • Fostering love and appreciation for 

Listen to a sample of Annie's session:

Betsy Garmon 
Artist and Coach
Betsy is the creator of the Soul Cartography online program. She believes that presence and self-awareness can be leveraged into a life with no regrets. 

"I learned how to slow down to the 'speed of listening'."

In Betsy's interview, you will learn...
 • How to ask for help
 • Letting go of social expectations and
    the fear of judgment
 • Figuring out how to "put yourself 
   on the map"
 • How permission impacts purpose
 • Letting go of perfectionism
 • Dealing with burn out
 • A powerful reframe on establishing 
 • An important key to decision-making

Listen to a sample of Betsy's session:

Paul Counsel, PhD 
Wealth Guru
Paul is a self-made millionaire, real estate investor and a well known wealth creation coach in his home country of Australia. He focuses on freedom to create a meaningful life.

"Money doesn't change who you are, it multiplies who you already are."

In Paul's interview, you will learn...
 • What getting a doctorate in pottery
    taught him about making his first 
    million dollars
 • Understanding 'value', 'value
    exchange' and the true meaning of
 • The crucial nature of self-trust
 • Time management a-ha's and 
   the need for 'displacement activities'
 • The disconnect most people have 
    between process and outcome

Listen to a sample of Paul's session:

Charis Branson
PH Chief of Staff
Charis is a LMT, Qigong Master practitioner and Chief of Staff at Personality Hacker. At 41 she realized she was living an inauthentic life and moved across the country to start over.

"We hate confrontation, but that's where intimacy comes from."

In Charis's interview, you will learn...
 • The toxicity of co-dependence and 
   how to triumph over it
 • Overcoming perfectionism
 • Learning to trust your decisions
 • Sticking up for yourself
 • Establishing healthy boundaries
 • What really lives under the fear of 
 • Navigating the world's judgment
 • The simple thing you can do right now 
    to calm your inner anxiety

Listen to a sample of Charis's session:

Glenn Ackerman 
Energy Coach
Glenn is the creator of Energy Awareness Training. His work in Hollywood helps executives, celebrities and influencers to overcome harmful energy imprints and childhood trauma.

"That which we can see, we can control. That which we cannot see, controls us."

In Glenn's interview, you will learn...
 • How emotions are energies
 • What an energetic operating system is
 • The importance of challenges
 • Processing emotions doesn't
   necessarily need a 'story'
 • Why people are afraid to deal with
   their issues 
 • Reading High Vibration Energy vs Low
   Vibration Energy
 • Dealing with dysfunction isn't just
   'thinking differently' about them

Listen to a sample of Glenn's session:

Daniel Karan 
Daniel is co-founder of Pink Gorilla Fashion apparel company and Declare War Within, an online community that provides strategies for increased personal power and human potential. 

"Power isn't something you build, it's something you stop giving away."

In Daniel's interview, you will learn...
 • How to transform the critical inner 
   voice into a cheerleader
 • How to increase physical energy
 • A method for permanently 
   overcoming anxiety
 • A powerful reframe on challenges
 • The key to self-trust in decision- 
 • Building discipline into your intuition
 • How self-care relates to boundary 

Listen to a sample of Daniel's session:

And at one point... they all were just like you. They figured it out, and you can to.
What would you do to have mentors like these?

Each interview conducted is approximately 60 and 90 minutes each - a deep-dive interview with a ton of gold to be mined about every topic relevant to fellow INFPs and INFJs.

Plus! You get 6 more recorded sessions: A post-game 'highlights' session by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge of each interview 

That's right - after we recorded each interview, we listened to the interview again to glean all the best insights, paradigm-shifts and a-ha moments and recorded a session ensuring nobody missed anything. Between your notes and our notes, we're sure that together we'll have 'sucked the marrow' out of each session. 

What do I get in the Empowered Program?

Upon accessing the member's area you will find:

  • 6 Interviews with high performing INFPs and INFJs
  • 6 Post-game reviews from Joel and Antonia
  • ​That's 12 sessions in total: ​Over 15 hours of juicy, nutrient
               dense content
  • ​An Empowered "Study Guide" - a guide on how to use
               the program, with space for journal entries and optional action
  • ​BONUS! A Personality Development Owners Manual ($67
    as a complement for the Empowered program

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