Unstoppable 2021: 
A NT Women's Workshop

Join us for a 2-day live online workshop for strategies, perspective shifts 
and camaraderie with other NT women like you.

If You Identify as an NT woman... 
Have You ever said (or thought) any of these:
"It's tough to find friends who want to talk about what I want to talk about."
"I always feel like a 'fish out of water'."
"I feel like I'm judged as not 'feminine enough'."
"People don't warm to me... but I would love to feel more connected."
"I offend other people, but I'm just explaining basic things."
"I'm not what other people expect out of a woman."
"Somehow thinking and speaking clearly makes me a 'freak'."
"Baby and wedding showers are the worst!"
"I'm just not like other moms."

...if you have, you're not alone. These are just some of the survey responses from dozens of NT women trying to find their place in the world while creating self-acceptance.

Dear Fellow NT Woman,

Hi, it's Antonia from Personality Hacker.

Each year I get hundreds of emails and podcast comments from NT women - like you - 
who are looking for leverage points to navigate a world that doesn't know what to make 
of them.

I've coached many NT women, and I'll admit: it's tricky. Most of the women I've coached 
are already quite successful in many areas of their lives. But they still can't seem to 
'crack the code' of their core challenges. Maybe you can relate to some of them.

Here is the top list of challenges that were reported by NT women...

Challenges Experienced by NT Women

  •   Being Seen As Intimidating

"Most women think (assume) I'm a bitch and men say I'm intimidating." - Abby, INTJ

"I’m seen as intimidating in my detachedness." - Jessica, ENTJ

"I've gotten suggestions to 'dumb myself down' in order to relate to people better without 'intimidating' them with my intelligence." Chelsea, ENTP

"People are always referring to me in the extreme. I'm 'always' (hate that generalization, so inaccurate) too cold, too sensitive, too detached, too socially awkward, too confidant, too intimidating, too shallow or too deep." - René, INTP
  •   Struggling to Feel "Feminine"
"It feels natural to pursue knowledge and use logic as my lens, but that focus has sidelined my feminine essence." - Lynn, INTP

"Challenge: Not fitting in with the girlishness of other women. Always feeling less feminine than most other women." - Melissa, INTJ

"I try to show up with my feminine energy, yet I'm still intimidating" - Sarah, ENTJ

"I wish people would stop demonizing me just because I am rational. I am not bad at being a woman. I don’t 'act more like a man'. I just am." - Naomi, ENTP

  •   Being Misinterpreted / Saying the 'Wrong Thing'
"Unknowingly committing social faux pas, combined with 'cancel culture', puts NT woman on thin ice right out of the gate." - Morgan, ENTP

"I offer [help] in the vein of 'if you don't know something is wrong, how can you fix it' [and it] is received as 'You suck. Let me tell you how.'" -Melissa, INTP

"I'm often misunderstood. I'm very understanding, but I can appear cold or not serious enough, or the tone of my voice is wrong, or I say the wrong thing." - Jessica, INTJ

"I wish people knew that I have good intentions and don't intend to hurt feelings. It's always accidentally." - Cherie, ENTJ

  •   Dealing with Traditional Gender Roles
"Leading with Te [Extraverted Thinking] as a woman from a rather traditional environment. I dealt with this by moving to a more gender equal country and being in business with lots of NT women, but still the years of negative feedback are there." - Anonymous, ENTJ

"Other women's expectations to be more emotionally wired [are a challenge] - I have felt my whole life that being a man with my personality would have been a much better route to take." - Gwendolyn, ENTP

"My challenge: Adhering from traditional gender roles." - Justine, INTJ

"Being a female INTP I have a hard time trying to understand why the society is obsessed with gender difference. So when somebody tried to use a gender card to argue with me, I find it difficult to take him/her seriously unless the argument sounds reasonable enough for me." - Zurina, INTP

  •   Feeling Lonely and Misunderstood
"Simply not feeling alone is half the struggle." - Amie, INTP

"My Challenge: Not resonating with a lot of women I meet... not seen by some male colleagues as understanding their world (even though I work in it, too)." - Bethany, INTJ

"It can feel very lonely in a world where I don't love and desire what most everyone else does." - Lauren, ENTP

"There are points in my life where I was accused of being cold and unloving by my loved ones. This one hurts a lot. When these things happened to me, I didn't know how to react. I just shutdown." - Resha, ENTJ

  •  Finding Friends Who Share Your Interests
"I have met very few truly 'kindred spirits'... they are my most cherished friends. " - Lauren, ENTP

"My challenge: finding friends who enjoy the same kind of discussions I enjoy" - Mary, INTJ

"One of the hardest things for me is finding someone else... who can challenge me in a friendship." - Hannah, ENTJ

"I actually like people, but I hate the 'getting to know you' stage... [I get] blindsided when seemingly good, deep friendships suddenly fade." - Carol, INTP

  •  Being Underestimated 
"I am underestimated or undervalued all the time, especially by men... men have always doubted my ability to achieve the goals that have been set out." - Katie, ENTJ

"My challenge: Being often overlooked and devalued - (I have been asked "what is it that you DO?" "What is your bottom line?: Insert condescending tone)" - Gwendolyn, ENTP

"Few people realize that I'm intelligent and just how highly I value intelligence... I want respect for my knowledge and competence but I rarely receive that." - Katelyn, INTP

"My parents have never understood me, therefore they don’t respect my way of thinking or acting " - Estefania, INTJ

But We're Also Bad-Ass!

What makes these challenges so complicated? We're used to solving challenges with our unique and wonderful gifts! When asked if they like being an NT woman, nearly all surveyed said, "Hell, yes!"

Our self-reported gifts?

We are intelligent, logical, think through situations and don't immediate react. We're hard working, foster integrity and have big hearts (despite public opinion). 

We've had to navigate the weird world of not fully fitting in with women or men, so we develop patience and the ability to meet people half way. 

We bridge worlds, and are living examples that contradict stereotypes and teach people to expand their definitions.

We aren't the usual mother, partner, or leader. And yet, if we put our minds to it, find the right tools and perspective shifts, we excel at most anything we want to.

I'd like to invite you to the live, digital event
Unstoppable 2021: The NT Women's Workshop
December 10-11, 2021     12-6p ET

Join us for a 2-day live online workshop for strategies, perspective shifts and camaraderie with other NT women like you...

  • Interviews with NT women who have mastered finding their place in world UNAPOLOGETICALLY.*
  • ​Break out sessions to connect more intimately with other NT women.
  • ​Tools and frameworks to help you find your unique femininity.
  • ​An "Un-Safe" Space: That is, a place where you can talk openly without fear of offending others. (This is a MUST.)
  • ​Understanding and acceptance of your unique wiring and make-up. 
  • ​And so much more...

*Meet Our Unstoppable NT Women

Each of the women interviewed is a seasoned NT woman who has overcome obstacles and is well-versed in personality type. After each interview, they will be available for a Q&A to dive into their experiences, tips and strategies in areas of life relevant to you.

Dr. Mina Barimany


Dr. Mina Barimany is a psychotherapist, counselor educator, and researcher from Washington, D.C..

Originally trained in family therapy, Dr. Barimany holds a master’s degree in family therapy from Drexel University, a doctorate from George Washington University in counselor education and supervision and joined Johns Hopkins University’s faculty in 2019.

Dr. Barimany specializes in catalyzing major upshifts in adult development for individuals, couples, and mental health professionals in order to improve quality of life, optimize performance, and cultivate a sense of fulfillment. Her research focuses on psychological type development over the lifespan.

Dr. Denise Cook


Dr. Denise Cook is a neuroscientist and founder of Personality Genie, an independent research study looking at the link between Personality Type and our genes. 

Her long-term goal is to convince academic scientists that personality type is something worth looking into. To do this, she is researching the connections between Jungian Cognitive Functions, neuroscience, genetics, psychology, and even evolutionary theory. 

When not chasing after her two young kids, she loves reading and writing, and spending too much time on Twitter. 

Dr. Cook writes about her research at personalitygenie.substack.com and can be found on Twitter @personalitygeni. 

Dana Schweitzer


Dana Schweitzer is an ENTJ, working parent, and lifelong learner. 

She completed her MBA in 2014 and her MBTI certification in 2016. 

She loves live music and hates small talk. She believes in the power of Very Swear-y Transparency. Her inbox is either ruthlessly compartmentalized or in shambles.

Amanda Roddy


Amanda Roddy is an ENTP, a speech language pathologist of 15 years, married to her adventure partner, and mom of an eleven year old son and a seven year old daughter.

She has lived in Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin, and even learned to speak pidgin while living in Hawaii. 

Amanda has navigated breast cancer, told innumerable inappropriate jokes, and is currently a lead therapist at a private pediatric clinic. 

She is fascinated by personality type, personal growth and what strengths each weird and wonderful human brings to the table. 

She loves camping, learning permaculture, and awkward conversations are her super power. 
This workshop is virtual and will be held live on Zoom. If you do not identify as an NT woman, the program material may be uncomfortable for you. The event will include opportunities to share experiences as an NT woman and will have break out sessions designed for NT women. If you can't make any of the sessions or miss part of them we are recording the entire workshop and you'll have access to the recordings afterward. 

Want To Take It To The Next Level? 
Then our NT Women's Mentorship Is For You

Would you like more personal advice tailored to your specific situation while connecting to a more intimate group of amazing NT women?
Limited to 12 women, this group coaching experience will tackle what keeps us from being Unstoppable: our egos and our fears. 

Coaching calls will include personal homework assignments. This will be a 'lean in' experience; that is, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. For those serious about their growth only, please.

This group mentorship experience includes a complementary ticket to Unstoppable: An NT Women's Workshop ($197 value).

 Workshop Only

Unstoppable 2021 Live: 
NT Women's 2-Day Workshop

December 10-11, 2021
2 full days of a virtual workshop

We aren't the usual mother, partner, or leader. And yet, if we put our minds to it, find the right tools and perspective shifts, we excel at most anything we want to.
  • Day 1: Dec 10, 2021
  • ​Day 2: Dec 11, 2021
Join a cohort of NT women like yourself as we work through the real challenges NT women face. This includes interviews with NT women who have mastered finding their place in world UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Learn the tools and frameworks to help you find your unique femininity. ​Understanding and acceptance of your unique wiring and make-up. And so much more...


**NEW - Tuition payment plan added. Split tuition into 4 payments of $49.25


 Workshop + Mentorship

Unstoppable 2021 Live Workshop
Personal Mentorship Group

January 8, 15, and 22, 2022
3 Deep-dive Group Mentorship Sessions

First You Will Attend The Full 2-Day Unstoppable 2021 Live Workshop
  • Day 1: Dec 10, 2021
  • ​Day 2: Dec 11, 2021
After the live 2-day workshop, I will personally followup and coach 12 highly motivated NT women over three weeks.  
  • Mentorship Session 1: Jan 8, 2022 (3-6pm ET)
  • Mentorship Session 2: Jan 15, 2022 (3-6pm ET)
  • ​Mentorship Session 3: Jan 22, 2022 (3-6pm ET)

$497 (12 Student Limit)

Questions about the event?


Or visit our website:

A Note to Non-NT Women:

Some people who want to join will be Feeler personality types that are misdiagnosed as NTs. While we cannot vet every individual to ensure only certain types join, we can make it clear that this is not a 'safe space' for anyone who is easily triggered. If you are dealing with trauma and healing work which make you highly sensitive, or are simply a naturally sensitive person, you will not enjoy this workshop. This is a place where we assume everyone is joining with positive intent, even if they need to let off some steam. NT women can appear harsh to others even when we have the best of intent, and this is a place where we will not be enforcing diplomacy.

If all of that sounds good to you, awesome.

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