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"If you've never engaged in a body-mind practice, 
you may not know how much you need it." - Dario Nardi, PhD

Your Body and Mind Are Powerful Allies

It's all too common to ignore the importance of the body. Oftentimes, we simply see it as a carrier for the mind. We only pay attention to its care when the proverbial 'check engine' light comes on: unexplained pain, persistent symptoms of an unknown origin, discomfort that distracts from day-to-day life... we pay attention only when we must.

But is the body simply a "meat vehicle?" Increasing evidence indicates that the body and mind are more interwoven than we've scientifically understood in the past. 

For example, the gut hosts so many neurons that it has its own system, often called a 'second brain'. While these neurons perform different functions than the mind, the communication between these two 'brains' are so critical that therapies which focus on one invariably impacts the other. 

It's exciting to have scientific research use instruments to measure what has been part of spiritual practice for thousands of years.

As personality type enthusiasts, it's easy to focus on the mind... and diminish the importance of the body.

After all, what can the body tell us about personality? Isn't the mind the infinite playground of personal understanding?

It comes as a surprise to many to learn the groundbreaking work of Carl Jung's followed on the heels of his trip to India to study the body and its relationship to spirituality. The backbone of much personality type theory - Jung's cognitive functions - was heavily influenced by his burgeoning understanding of the chakras. 
 As personality type enthusiasts, it's easy to focus on the mind... and diminish the importance of the body. 

What is Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga?

In the fall of 1932, Dr. Carl Jung gave four talks on the psychology of kundalini yoga. (Dr. Carl Jung is the the famous Swiss psychiatrist who coined many terms we use today such archetype, introvert, and persona.) In the Western world, people are mostly familiar with hatha yoga for fitness. It is physical and mental. You stretch and hold poses to develop discipline, flexibility and mindfulness. Kundalini yoga is similar and focuses more on the breathing and movement to shift energy and gain insights.  

Dr. Dario Nardi, already a fan of kundalini yoga and lover of Jung's work, was delighted to discover Jung's lectures on the topic. Knowing the work of Jung can be challenging to read, he compiled Jung's quotes, ideas, concepts and learnings into an easy to follow program called, "Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga." And he took it to another level, by incorporating these learnings into his own practice of kundalini yoga. 

Dr. Nardi doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

It's our pleasure to produce Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga, a rich media digital program that distills down the essence of Jung's work on the chakras, kundalini yoga and cognitive functions in talks and lessons, as well as practical guides to breathwork, yoga and mudras.

12+ Hours of Content

Lessons, Yoga Sets, Breathwork, Bonuses

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What is Included in Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga?

Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga isn't merely a lecture series. It's a rich media guide to 1) understanding Jung's insights on the chakras as well as 2) incorporating breathwork and kundalini yoga practices in your life. It is theory and praxis. The program is divided into 3 sections and comes with a fitness plan for every level of yoga practitioner.

Finding Your Roots 
and Creativity

(Video Series, ~ 4 Hours)

  ○ Introduction to Part 1
  ○ History of Dr. Carl Jung and Yoga
  ○ Chakra 1
  ○ Chakra 2
  ○ Jungian Psyche, Part 1

Exercise guide:
  ○ Yoga Set 1
  ○ Breathwork, Set 1
  ○ Mantras guide

Power, Heart 
and Voice

(Video Series, ~ 4 Hours)

  ○ Introduction to Part 2
  ○ Chakra 3
  ○ Chakra 4
  ○ Chakra 5
  ○ Couples Tantra

Exercise guide:
  ○ Yoga Set 2
  ○ Breathwork, Set 2

Connecting to 
Higher Consciousness

(Video Series, ~ 4 Hours)

  ○ Introduction to Part 3
  ○ Chakra 6AB
  ○ Chakra 7
  ○ Jungian Psyche Part 2
  ○ Kundalini Awakening

Exercise guide:
  ○ Yoga Set 3
  ○ Breathwork, Set 3

3 Bonuses — Instant Access When You Join 
"Personality Types & Yoga: Jung On Yoga"

Personality In Focus
(Program taught by Dr. Dario Nardi)
$97 Value (included free with "Personality Types & Yoga: Jung On Yoga")
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Kundalini Journey: 9 Chants For Well-Being
(Orignial music by Dario Nardi)
$17 Value (included free with "Personality Types & Yoga: Jung On Yoga")
Learn More
9 Meditations For Body-Mind Practice
(Original Meditations by Dr. Dario Nardi)
$17 Value (included free with "Personality Types & Yoga: Jung On Yoga")
Learn More

What Are the Benefits of Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga?

The benefits of body-mind practices have long been studied.

By taking this course and implementing one of the recommended yoga schedules in the fitness plans provided you can experience:

• Stress relief
• Personal development and deeper insights into the self
• Targeted, specific body-mind practices to implement in your life
• Targeted advice to your personality type around wellness practices
Newcomers: If you are unfamiliar with Jung and yoga, we hope to guide you to your own practice and provide insight toward your own journey of awakening.

Fans of Jung: You will learn about yoga in Jung's own words. You will also get a view of consciousness that is based in the body and emotions as well as the head. This will help you shift from an academic view of the psyche to a more holistic approach.

Psychologists and Neuroscientists: Jung focused on clinical tools from a multicultural view. The chakras are based on people's experiences - physiological and psychological. Think of chakras as a rough guide to tapping into the autonomic nervous system and endocrine glands.

Shamans: If you work with medicines like ayahuasca, this course is definitely for you. You will recognize many chakra themes from experience. For example, the 2nd chkara links to the storage and release of emotions. This is the resource to integrate your own and others' shamanic experiences.

Yoga Aficionados: Jung's take on kundalini offers a nuanced psychological view of the chakras. Notably, he believed in using symbols, such as chakra mandalas, to influence the psyche.

Personality Type Enthusiasts: This course helps translate the data and information of Carl Jung (and subsequent personality type systems) into the knowledge and wisdom that comes from taking action. Go beyond passively learning into actively experiencing. 

What Have Others Said About the Program?

"The information in this [program] was plentiful and multifaceted. It was very valuable... or maybe a better word for it would be 'invaluable'.

Learning about Jung's thoughts and insights from someone who was able to interpret them and explain them on a conceptual level and then combining it with experiencing the physical application was inspirational.

 It has impacted my awareness of myself on a profound level and has opened many avenues for personal growth I may never have seen, if not for having had the experience."

-Bridgette, ENFJ
Big Picture: I gained a bigger picture... of the growth work I've done throughout my life - seeing the body mind work differentiated from and yet related to the functions cleared up a lot of confusion. 

Emotionally: Some stuck feelings loosened up and were released. I felt immensely cleansed afterwards.

Physically: I felt really motivated to do Kundalini yoga - I don't feel motivated to do physical exercise for its own sake. I feel clearer and more connected than I have done for a year or two.

-Elise, INFP

Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Nardi is a world renowned author, researcher, speaker and expert in neuroscience, personality, and body-mind practices. He holds a Senior Lecturer position at University of California (Los Angeles), where he won UCLA's Copenhaver Award for Innovative Use of Technology in 2005 and UCLA's Distinguished Teacher of the year in 2011.

His books include The Magic Diamond: Jung's 8 Paths for Self-Coaching, Neuroscience of Personality, 8 Keys to Self-Leadership, Jung on Yoga, and Facets of Ayahuasca, among other titles. He writes game books and fiction. And he is the creator of the Personality Types iPhone app.

Since 2006, Dario has focused on conducting hands-on brain research, utilizing insights of real-time EEG technology. Applications extend to coaching, counseling, education, games, healthcare, leadership development, yoga, and many other areas. He regularly keynotes international conferences and facilitates workshops, teaching professionals about the art and science of the brain.

Dario is currently based in Arizona, USA and Oslo, Norway.
Dr Dario Nardi, teaching "Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga" at the British & Australian Association of Psychological Types

Presented by Personality Hacker

We're Joel and Antonia. We've been creating personal growth programs based on personality type systems for over 10 years. And while we've touched on many aspects of growth and development, we had not yet produced a program about body-mind wellness.

That is why we're so excited to present Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga from our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Dario Nardi. 

Particularly for those of us who tend to live in our head and forget the importance of the body (*cough* intuitives *cough*)... we highly recommend taking this course and taking it seriously! This is the most 'lean in', active program we've created (next to our flagship program Profiler Training), and we're very proud of it. 

We hope you enjoy learning from Personality Types & Yoga: Jung on Yoga as much as we loved producing it!

Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge
of Personality Hacker

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