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Struggling to Find Your Personality Type?

Personality Type Consultation

Work 1-on-1 with a Personality Type Expert - $225

  • High Touch Experience - A hands-on and high touch process where you work one-on-one with a profiler to co-creatively determine your best-fit personality type
  • Take the Time You Need - Consultations last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours
  • Relaxed and Fun - Your consultant is trained to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience
  • Receive a Personality Development Starter Kit - Upon finding your best-fit type, you will gain access to your type's Personality Development Starter Kit

Learn strategies to leverage your strengths, overcome blindspots and build healthier relationships

Made for all personality types

Personality Development Starter Kit

Dive Deep Into Your Personality Type - $67

  • Full Personality Profile - A breakdown of what it means to be your personality type
  • Relationship Training & Type-by-Type Comparison - How do you show up in relationships? How do you pair with other types? These sessions talk about common relationship challenges and strengths of your personality type
  • Growth and Business Series - Leverage your strengths in career and spot business opportunities
  • "About Me" Guides - Each of these guides is designed for you to give to others to explain... YOU. Includes: guide for your lover/spouse and guide for your co-workers or boss

Be Fully Understood by Your Partner and Wake Up Happy Together

Made for all personality types

Couples Mapping

Build Unshakeable Trust, Intimacy and Connection - $197

  • Understand Differences - Create a side-by-side "map" of your personality types as a couple using 3 powerful models
  • Rediscover Gratitude - Learn to transform feelings of frustration for your partner into appreciation and fall in love all over again
  • Deepen Connection and Intimacy - Discover your partner's connection and intimacy 'languages' and make sure you aren't 'talking past each other'
  • Compromise Without Compromising Yourself - Learn how to solve problems creatively and stand for your partnership without giving up your identity or needs

15+ Hours of Interviews and Trainings to Unleash Your Potential

Made for INTJs and INTPs

INTx Unleashed (for INTJs and INTPs)

Walk Through Your World With Purpose - $197

  • Don't Settle In Life - Get beyond the "perpetual preparation problem," or accepting 6/10 existence and reach out for the life you want
  • Stop Dumbing Yourself Down - Learn how to navigate social situations and connect with others without having to dumb yourself down
  • Ignite Your Motivation - Leverage action and clarity to find your motivation and override limiting voices in your head
  • Cultivate Confidence - Develop a quiet confidence that empowers you to walk through your world with purpose and direction while maintaining your compassion

15+ Hours of Interviews and Trainings to Become Powerful

Made for INFJs and INFPs

Empowered (for INFJs and INFPs)

Use Your Empathy to Become a Powerhouse - $197

  • Create Solid Boundaries - Learn the key to avoid codependent or one-sided relationships
  • Manage Your Energy and Self-Care - Let go of social expectations and put yourself 'on the map' 
  • Develop a Healthy Relationship to Money and Time - Understand the importance of self-trust and what 'value' really means
  • Find Your Path to Intimacy - Understand the principles of 'max aliveness' and the need to process emotions that are haunting you

Stop "Blending In" and Become the Best Version of Yourself 

Made for iNtuitive types 

Intuitive Awakening

Succeed In A World Designed For Others - $197

  • Create Your Own Template - Learn how to stop living by other people's templates and craft a plan for your life
  • Know When to Trust Your Intuition - Discern the difference between "healthy" and "unhealthy" intuitive patterns and know when you can trust yours to make decisions
  • Learn How to Make Intuitive Relationships Succeed - Learn how compatibility works with an intuitive type.
  • Give Yourself Permission - To be different, to find greatness, to come out of hiding, to use intuitive strategies, and to become unstoppable

 Harness the Power of Your Enneagram Subtype

Made for all personality types

Enneagram Roadmap

Hosted by Dr. Beatrice Chestnut - $297

  • Break Lifelong Limiting Habits - Learn how your Enneagram subtype influences you and how you can overcome gripped habits
  • Understand Your Instincts - Dive into the Enneagram instincts and harness these powerful motivations
  • Identify Yourself and Your Loved Ones - In this 20+ hour program, explore the variety of the 27 Enneagram subtypes, their characteristics and intelligences
  • Understand the History - Find out the history of the Enneagram, its roots and how often its been discovered throughout time

 Use Your Unique Wiring to Make Money and Grow Your Business

Made for all personality types

Hardwired for Wealth

Unlock Your Unique Business Genius - $297

  • Find Your Leadership Style - Discover which business leaders share your cognitive wiring
  • Match to Your Ideal Career - Locate where you fit in the fastest growing industries over the next 10 years
  • Make Solid Business Decisions - Learn how your mind best makes decisions and when NOT to trust what your mind is telling you
  • Gather Your Dream Team - Learn which personality types work best together, and who is your Power Pair partner

 Create Instant Connection By Speaking Your Customer's Language

Made for all personality types

Rapid Customer Rapport

Speak Your Customer's Language - $97

  • Establish Trust with Your Clients - Learn to showcase that you are genuine and want to help solve their challenges
  • Make Your Customers Feel Understood - Explain your customer's challenges in their own words so they know you 'get' what they're going through
  • Build Loyalty with Your Clients - Customers love buying from companies they have a relationship with - create loyalty that can keep your business thriving even during tough economic times  
  • Effectively Teach and Persuade Your Clients - Know how your customer's learn new information and make decisions

Become a Master of Personality Types with Like Minds

Made for all personality types

Profiler Training Course + 5 Day Live Event (Open Every 6 Months)

Join a Community of Dedicated Students - $2997

  • 100+ Hours of Videos and Audios - Immerse yourself in typology system knowledge to build the practical skill of personality profiling
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls - Ask questions and join a community of 100's of students every month
  • Virtual Events - Invitation to weekend Profiler Training virtual events for life
  • Culminating in a 5 Day Live Event - Our live events have been locating in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Orlando, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Sign up to be the first to find out where our next 5 Day live event will be located!

Personality Hacker Book

 Harness the Power of Your Personality Type to Transform Your Work, Relationships and Life 

Profiler Deck

 Used by Profiler Training students. Includes all 16 types, 8 dichotomies, and 8 cognitive functions.

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