Your Personality Results:


  • Introvert
  • ​iNtuitive
  • ​Thinker
  • ​Perceiver

Most people don’t understand or appreciate your mind. 
Learn how to be respected for your analysis and perspective 
without being labeled as a cold, detached “robot.”

Dear INTP,

Hi, it's Joel and Antonia from Personality Hacker.

We’ve been teaching personal growth and personality typology since 2010.

Each year we get hundreds of emails from INTPs - like you - who ask us for coaching on how to navigate a world that often feels baffling with its emotional minefields and social expectations.

After countless hours of coaching your type, we firmly believe that as an INTP you have some AMAZING gifts the world doesn’t understand or appreciate.

What does INTP stand for?

  • For you, the internal world is the 'real world'. The real world for Extraverted (E) types is the external world.

  • You focus on meaning and pattern recognition. Sensing (S) types focus on what they observe with their 5+ senses.

  • You make decisions using impersonal criteria like data, logic and what makes sense to you. Feeler (F) types prioritize their feelings using personal criteria like human emotions and dynamics.
  • You prefer freedom in the world and create structure internally. Judging (J) types prefer structure around them to free their mind and thoughts. 

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  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
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As An INTP - You Have Gifts That People Rarely See or Appreciate...

Here’s some of these gifts you bring to the world
(as written the words of people with your type)...

You Learn Fast...

"When I learn something, my brain is instantly rewarded. Maybe I receive a cognitive affirmation, that serves as much needed support." - INTP
"I can pick up (specifically IT Networking/Network Security) topics fairly quickly, relating concepts to other things I know, and adding them into my INTP Encyclopedia/Web." - INTP
 "I get motivated by helping people, because it helps me learn faster. The ultimate solution of finding the right way of doing things that helps everyone." - INTP
  "Reaching above average level of knowledge on a topic of interest very quickly, identifying the most important pieces out of a large amount of information, motivating others with realistic and effective strategies." - INTP
"When I encounter an issue that I would like to investigate in greater detail, then I have noticed being able to quickly think of things to ask as I investigate it." - INTP
"Learning things quickly in the respects of any art or science." - INTP
"I troubleshoot well. I have good intuition to find errors in complex systems." - INTP
"Boiling complex systems down to their bare essentials: systems modeling, information architecture, and interaction design. I build software professionally, but I apply the same recognition or modelling of trends and relationships to everything else that captures my interest. e.g. philosophy, theology, personality typology, and gaming" - INTP
"An INTP strength of mine is my ability to create from the perspective of a detached observer. I can enter into a non judging mental state, observe and quickly see many possible connections between seemingly unconnected ideas/processes/objects and construct scenarios around the implications of building novel combinations. I love having this ability and I use it to create art, explore for buried depositional environments (I work as a geologist) and to generally entertain myself." - INTP
"Analyze everything! Take in loads of information and somehow make sense of it all. Conceptualize. Understand how things work. Brainstorm inside my head. Think quick. Know when someone is talking a load of rubbish (but have learned very good self control over the years also). Demonstrate love, care and compassion (don't always have the right words but I'm getting there, learning from others). Use all the information I've collected over the years to very quickly and easily engage with others (I could have been working in a place a month and know more people then someone who has been working there for years). Understand what others may be thinking and act/respond appropriately. And the list of using my strengths to overcome my weaknesses continues to grow every week…" - INTP

You Simplify Complex Systems for the Rest of us

"I understanding abstract concepts and applying learned frameworks to new areas. Creative problem solving." - INTP
"Most people dismiss my insights because I seem to come to them too quickly. Most people underestimate the complexity of my thought processes." - INTP

You're a Kick-Ass Problem Solver

“In terms of reasoning: Analysis, Induction, Deductive and Counterfactual thinking. In terms of complex cognitive skills: creativity and problem solving. I'm also able to spot errors, troubleshoot, and revise my thoughts, ideas, and behaviors given feedback. I'm also adept at research and learning skills in general.” - INTP
I am really good at problem solving. In general this translates into an ability (and love) of playing with ideas. They can be logical, theoretical or personal. I am completely willing and open for people to have different experiences, so I am surprisingly good at creating non-judgemental and honest spaces.” - INTP
Understanding large concepts of life from everyday experience, problem solving, quickly filing through all the various options and outcomes of a situation or decision.” - INTP
I am learning really quickly by deep understanding and I can scale it and apply to many other things. By just understanding rules and things that helps me to make a decision upon I can change my behavior easily and often come up with better solution. So philosophy and psychology was always interesting for me. I have a special relationship with world and nature, I feel connected with whole the world on the atom level (reference: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey s01e02) and I can't come with solution that in the long term is destroying balance.” - INTP
“A lot of people say that I can be wise and give good advise, and usually in discussions I think through every problem and come up with a solution to any disagreement fairly quickly and I often can end an argument between two people quickly.” - INTP
“Planning, deducting, connecting concepts that might seem unrelated, learning (specially languages and written stuff), coming up with original ideas or ways of problem solving.” - INTP
Internal rapid pattern matching based on past experience. This is extremely valuable for me outside of traditional INTP pattern matching in problem solving and technical skills (which I also do well, I am a database Architect professionally) - I also pattern match people, both as a group and individually from a personality standpoint. Not necessarily personality types, but things like biases, habits, motivation, thinking patterns, etc. People for me are patterns to 'solve', just like a trend in a database, just much, much harder. In my profession I meet a lot of INT* types, many of them as talented as I am as a technical pattern matcher. I've never met another human being who is even in my ballpark of human pattern matching. It gives me an incredible ability to be perceptive in a way that isn't necessarily empathetically based.” - INTP

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"INTP Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTP Personality REPORT
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  • Download 16 Page INTP Guide
  • 3 INTP Type Overview Videos
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INTPs Help Humanity Discover New Paradigms and Ways of Thinking...

As an INTP, your mind is fundamentally wired differently from other personality types.

INTPs have a natural understanding of how data systems work, as well as an inborn skill for spotting inconsistencies and incongruities. INTPs are natural "callers of bullshit."

When INTPs scan data and information (which is constantly happening) they are looking for information that contradicts itself.

The more ‘clean’ and ‘elegant’ the information (that is, the fewest contradictions within the logic) the more satisfying. 

Once on track with an elegant framework, INTPs can mix and match information, form new theories and hypotheses, and introduce radically new ways of understanding the world.
But being an INTP can be challenging. Here's why...
"The Unacknowledged Struggles of the INTP Personality Type"


You're an “Open Book” 
But People Call You a Dull, Lifeless “Robot”

People get the wrong message from you all the time. Besides interruptions to your focused workflow (which is truly annoying) you actually WANT to connect with other humans. And despite your best efforts to be open, you hear that you are “bitchy” - “cold” - “distant” and a “robot.” Your attempts at being friendly and helpful repel people instead of draw them in. And it’s confusing.

From INTPs In Their Own Words...

“Even though I very much want to provide the right emotional response for people, when I attempt to do so, I feel like my face is making some kind of weird contortion in my attempt to force it to fit their sudden emotional needs. I can do this somewhat better for people very close to me, or those I have known for a long time. Otherwise, I go into instant panic mode when someone needs an emotional response. In my defense, I will absolutely do everything in my power to help you in any real way I can, will give you many chances to get things right, and will accept you for who you are, even when that is the exact opposite of me. - INTP
  “I'm not really interested in talking about the latest sports scores or celebrity drama. I prefer to ask deeper questions and to have more genuine experiences with people which usually catches others off guard and sometimes makes them uncomfortable.” - INTP
“I'm more of an observer rather than a participator. People take that to mean that I'm not interested in what's happening or I don't like them. As an INTP female - I've always felt that other women have some kind of secret code word I need to know in order to be part of their “inner circle.” I’m often left out of many group activities since my female friends never see me as “one of the girls.” I also don't get invited to “guy weekends” since I’m not a dude.” - INTP


You Stand on the Sidelines Watching the Social Game Hoping That Someone... 
Anyone Will Invite You to Play...

...and once you’re invited, you get stressed out. Little things, like remembering people’s names, and how you’re supposed to greet them. How long will you have to deal with small talk? What if you don’t come across friendly and likeable? What if you have to pretend you’re interested in something inane? How do you NOT judge other people... and find yourself back to square one? If you feel this way, you’re not alone…

From INTPs In Their Own Words...

“I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m worried about coming off as rude or uninterested unless I comply with the right social cues or obligations for the sake of politeness.” - INTP
“I have difficulty approaching people. When speaking, I tend to talk quietly with as little words as possible. I tend to have anxiety attacks when I'm unprepared to socialize.” -INTP


Finding Like Minded People 
To Talk With

Every interaction feels like you’ve either been misunderstood or misinterpreted. You try to start interesting conversations, but it seems like no matter how hard you try people just aren’t listening. When you can actually have a good conversation there’s a sense of relief - you can actually open up and have fun! But they’re so infrequent, and you’re not sure where to find those like minded people. If you had three wishes and a genie, this might be the first thing you wish for.

From INTPs In Their Own Words...

I pretend to care about what people have to say, because I know what the problem is, and the problem isn't what they're trying to express, because they are lying to themselves.” - INTP
I want to engage people intellectually (let's talk about psychology. Let's talk about math, etc). But I always get very nervous and only show that I'm interested to people I know well. I don't want to bore anyone and I’m surprised when I share my ideas and deeper thoughts with people and they’re sincerely interested.” - INTP
Being impartial, it turns out, is NOT what people want from me. For example, my husband doesn't want to discuss what traffic engineering principles were violated causing the person next to him to have to change lanes quickly and cut him off. He just wants me to say, "What a jerk!" This continues to be difficult for me. I want to analyze things, and it actually takes effort to identify with my emotional reactions if I happen to have any for a particular situation.” - INTP
I get incredibly bored with small talk. If I'm not having an interesting conversation, it drains me and I'd rather recharge with introverted time to myself.” - INTP

Download Your 
"INTP Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTP Personality REPORT
Instant Access
  • Download 16 Page INTP Guide
  • 3 INTP Type Overview Videos
  • 2 "About Me" Guides

Do You Wonder If You Are A
 "Stranger in a Strange Land?"

This is very common for INTPs.

When it comes to basic social interactions, you probably feel like everyone else got the memo but you. Most of the time it's okay, but sometimes it's infuriating.

First, the world seems to be built on the art of small talk. This is especially troubling to you, since your mind seems unable to compute the importance - or develop the skill - of small talk.

Second, your greatest gift of spotting incongruities in thoughts and beliefs seems to be anathema to everyone else. Most people mistake their beliefs and thoughts with their identities, and if you question them they seem to take it personally, as if you're saying they're a bad person for having an illogical belief. 

We know - that's baffling to you for the most part. But it can take a real toll on you. If you continually present gifts to other people and they continually reject them it's easy to question the value of what you bring.

Third, it's so SO easy to think "everyone else is just stupid." It's the most seductive thought, and if you let yourself fall into its clutches it creates an even bigger divide between you and the rest of the world. If everyone else is "stupid" you don't bother to learn the skill of persuasion and the potentially groundbreaking thoughts you have die with you.

And, finally, you seem to be the only one that really struggles with motivation.

Maybe you feel you've been knocked down by the world one too many times, or maybe it's that everything everyone else takes for granted just seems so absurd. 

It’s not all bad news, though! Many have overcome these pain points to live happy, authentic, and meaningful lives.

At Personality Hacker, we've worked with hundreds of INTPs who have faced and overcome these challenges and others.

And today, we want to help you do the same.

Let's dive even deeper into
your four letters... INTP. 
What does it mean?

  • For you, the internal world is the 'real world'. The real world for Extraverted (E) types is the external world.

  • You focus on meaning and pattern recognition. Sensing (S) types focus on what they observe with their 5+ senses.

  • You make decisions using impersonal criteria like data, logic and what makes sense to you. Feeler (F) types prioritize their feelings using personal criteria like human emotions and dynamics.
  • You prefer freedom in the world and create structure internally. Judging (J) types prefer structure around them to free their mind and thoughts. 
Of course, You may already be familiar with the four letters above.

Most personality tests, articles, and websites spend a lot of time focused on the behaviors INTPs show the world.

When it comes to personality types this is just the tip of the iceberg .

Ready to go deeper - past your behaviors - to see HOW your mind is wired?

Let's look into the actual mental wiring of your INTP mind.

The four letter code INTP gives us a key into the cognitive functions your mind uses to learn information and make decisions.

The easiest way to explain these is with "The Car Model".

Let’s pretend your mind is a four passenger vehicle.

hese four "passengers" represent four distinct mental processes which influence you the most.

Here is how they're arranged:
In the front seat you have the Driver. This is the most developed function of your personality. You spend most of your time here naturally because it puts you into flow.

Next, there's the Co-Pilot. This is your second strongest function which supports your Driver and is very important for you to develop to achieve growth.

Behind this, there's the 10 Year Old. This function shows up with the maturity of a 10 Year old. While important, without working on it this can become your go-to Defensive Position.

Finally, there's the 3 Year Old. This is your least mature function. Its influence over you is unconscious and yet is often the source of your life's aspiration.
"Inside the Mind of the INTP: Your Four Cognitive Functions"

Here's What Your Functions Look Like
using the Car Model:

YOUR Driver is Introverted Thinking. 
(Nickname: "Accuracy")

This is how you make your best decisions. This is true rationalization, the ability to logic through a subject or concept within one's own understanding, even if it doesn’t match ‘outer world’ data.
YOUR Co-Pilot is Extraverted Intuition
(Nickname: "Exploration")

This is how you perceive the world. While it does many things, Exploration loves to ask the question “What if?” By opening up to all possibilities - Exploration is able to create connections between people, ideas, objects, or places that discover new ways of thinking.
YOUR 10 Year Old is Introverted Sensing (Nickname: "Memory") 

Introverted Sensing wants reliable information. As a 10 Year Old it wants comfort and safety, be it physical, emotional or cerebral. It can manifest as refusing to take in new information that now must be acted upon, or perpetually hiding at home while your life slips by.
YOUR 3 Year Old is Extraverted Feeling
(Nickname: "Harmony"). 

This process needs emotional connection and a sense of contribution. It can show up as a fear that no one respects you, or in times of real stress is that uncharacteristic emotional blow-up that always feels like 'not you'. 

An Owners Manual For 
Your INTP Personality

Discover How INTPs Can Have Deep Relationships and a Purposeful Career by Navigating Small Talk, Emotional Vampires, Social Games, Office Politics & Other Barriers Blocking Your Success.

Deep dive into cognitive functions to discover how your mind is wired.
Gain powerful and applicable insights to craft a personal development path tailored to you.
Bring your optimized self as a true partner in your relationships and become self-determined in your career.

Download Your 
"INTP Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTP Personality REPORT
Instant Access
  • Download 16 Page INTP Guide
  • 3 INTP Type Overview Videos
  • 2 "About Me" Guides
"Three Things You Can Do Today to Reach Epic Levels Of Growth"
First, starting today, you need to dedicate careful time and attention to developing your co-pilot function of Extraverted Intuition ("Exploration"). 

This is the #1 thing you can do to grow right now.

Without a strong co-pilot, you're going to stay stuck in the same place with the same old challenges.

Second, you need to become aware of your 10 Year Old Introverted Sensing ("Memory") and how it hijacks your personality, repeating the same daily patterns that keep you stuck and going no where.

Developing strategies for dealing with this, and getting yourself back on track is essential to success.

Third, your 3 Year Old Extraverted Feeling ("Harmony") needs attention too. Learn how to give your 3 Year Old function what it needs to keep you safe, healthy, and on the right track.

If you ignore your 3 Year Old it will find unhealthy ways to get your attention.

Now we've got some good news and bad news.

The good news is that some people naturally learn to do all three of these over a lifetime.

The bad news is that even for them this can take years and years of pain, frustration, and missed opportunities before they figure it out.

Fortunately at Personality Hacker, we have developed a shortcut.

We've assisted thousands of INTPs in developing their personality. We want to work with you too.

Imagine becoming the best possible version of an INTP.

We created a specific, highly detailed home study personality development owners manual that we want to show you today:

"INTP Owners Manual"

The INTP Owners Manual is a guided experience to help you understand your personality type and unlock your full potential.


INTP Type Fundamentals

In this module we are going to start unpacking your INTP personality in greater detail. 
Let's start with an overview of your type and then begin zooming in to identify four styles of INTPs. Next, you will learn about the dichotomies and dive deeper into your "Car Model" - a framework for understanding what is technically called your cognitive function stack. Finally, we end this module with a discussion about some of the specific challenges you face in the world as an INTP.

In This Module:

  • INTP Personality Type Overview: Learn about the traits, tendencies, and preferences of the INTP personality type in this comprehensive video overview.
  • The 4 Styles of The INTP Personality: Discover the four unique styles of the INTP personality and gain insight into how they impact your life and relationships.
  • Understanding The 4 Letters INTP: Explore the dichotomies that define the INTP personality type and learn how they shape your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • ​The INTP Car Model: Get a visual explanation of how the different parts of your personality work together (or sometimes against each other) with this fun, animated presentation on the INTP Car Model.
  • ​INTP Type Specific Challenges: Explore the common challenges that the INTP personality type faces in life and learn how to overcome them.


Finding Flow With Your Personality

Finding and maintaining flow for your life can make or break your success in the world. 
When you are in flow you still face challenges, but your life is setup so it works WITH your natural personality and style, not against it. In this module we are going to define and explain flow, show you how to find flow with all four parts of your car model, and overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be in your way.

In This Module:

  • Using Personality To Find Flow: Discover how to use your personality type to find flow in your work, relationships, and everyday life.
  • ​Finding Flow As An INTP: A detailed explanation of how to use all four cognitive functions to achieve flow and improve your life as an INTP.
  • Overcoming INTP Challenges to Flow: Learn how to overcome the challenges that can hold you back from finding flow as an INTP and achieving your goals.


Navigating Personality Blind Spots: Loops & Grips

As you go about navigating your INTP personal growth journey, some of the biggest challenges will come from what are called "loops" and "grips." In this module we are going to explain loops and grips, identify three styles of each, and give you a practical action plan to avoid or overcome these obstacles when they rear their ugly head.

In This Module:

  • Personality Loops & Grips Explained: Understand the loops and grips that can hold you back as an INTP, and learn how to identify and overcome them.
  • ​F3 Styles of INTP Loops: Discover the three types of loops that can impact the INTP personality type and how to avoid getting stuck in them.
  • 3 Styles of INTP Grips: Explore the three types of grips that can impact the INTP personality type and learn how to overcome them.


INTP Fixations

We are going to focus on your INTP personality fixation for creating and maintaining a sense of control in your life. Different personality types have different control fixations based on their cognitive functions. In this module we will show you an overview of control fixations for all personalities, the one that you use specifically as an INTP, and action steps to overcome it.

In This Module:

  • INTP Fixation Explained: Learn about the FIRM fixation of invulnerability and how it can affect the INTP personality type.
  • FIRM Fixation: Rightness: Understand the FIRM fixation of "rightness" and how to address it as an INTP.


INTP Toolbox

In this module we outline specific "Tools Of Action" and steps you can begin taking in your life to grow yourself as an INTP. Each of the tools in this toolbox is created from years of coaching and working with INTPs helping them find practical and actionable changes to grow and develop. Spend time understanding each tool and be sure to actually do the exercises. INTPs that we've coached have seen massive personal growth from implementing the techniques and strategies we suggest.

In This Module:

  • Tool - INTP Finding Flow: Use this tool to help you get into flow quickly and consistently and improve your productivity and happiness.
  • Tool - INTP Developing Your Co-Pilot: This tool is designed to help you develop the Co-Pilot (auxiliary) cognitive function in your personality.
  • ​Tool - Honoring Your 3-Year-Old: This tool is designed to help you honor your 3-Year-Old (inferior) cognitive function in your personality.
  • ​Tool - Crafting A Vision For Your Ideal Day: This tool is designed to help you create a vision for the ideal day-to-day experience of your life.

Keep Your INTP Momentum Going 
With These 3 Advanced Bonuses

12-Week INTP Life Path Journal

Apply your new understanding of how an INTP is wired to every area of your life. 12-weeks of journal prompts take into account your cognitive functions and help you tailor a personal development strategy to yourself.
Value: $97
  •   FREE — Included with the INTP Owners Manual

INTP "About Me" Guides

Each of these guides is designed for you to give to others to explain you. Includes a guide to give to your partner/spouse and guide for your co-workers or boss.
Value: $47
  •   FREE — Included with the INTP Owners Manual

INTP Side-By-Side Relationship Type Pairings

We detail how your type interacts in a relationship with all 16 of the Myers Briggs types. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We cover the challenges, rewards, and advice for improved compatibility.  
Value: $197
  •   FREE — Included with the INTP Owners Manual

Transcending Type Training

Knowing your type is a powerful tool. The most powerful tools must be used responsibly. A hammer can help build a house or bludgeon someone to death. This bonus training guides you to the best and most healthy relationship you can have with your personality type, and reminds you to always use your understanding for building yourself up, never bludgeoning yourself (or others).
Value: $197
  •   FREE — Included with the INTP Owners Manual

What You Will Learn In
The "INTP Owners Manual"
  • Learn how to expertly manage your emotions, without letting them derail your progress
  • Develop strategies to stay focused, motivated, and productive even in the face of emotional challenges
  • ​Uncover the unconscious patterns that are holding you back in your love life
  • ​​Develop tools and techniques to build healthy, fulfilling relationships that meet your unique needs and preferences
  • ​Learn how to turn your ideas into tangible results, while staying true to your INTP strengths and values
  • ​​Gain recognition and respect for your strategic thinking skills, and become a go-to expert in your field
  • ​​Develop strategies to manage stress and maintain your energy levels, while staying focused and productive in your daily life
  • ​​Build a powerful, mutually beneficial partnership that helps you achieve greater career and financial success than you could on your own
  • ​​Develop strategies to overcome these blind-spots and transform them into opportunities for growth and success
  • ​​Develop the ability to communicate your complex ideas and thought processes to others, and help them understand and appreciate your unique perspective
  • ​Stop a lack of motivation from wrecking your productivity and happiness
  • Discover how your personality makes it tough to create close connections and how to open yourself up to the right people
  • How to put your brilliant ideas into action and watch the world finally appreciate your complex thinking and strategic mind
  • ​Rapidly develop your co-pilot function of Extraverted Intuition and watch yourself solve problems in creative ways
  • ​Become the thought leader others naturally respect by developing leadership skills
  • How to avoid the top 3 energy drains for your INTP type and how to manage stress
  • Discover how to strengthen your Extraverted Intuition function, which is essential for seeing more possibilities in the real world.
  • ​Watch yourself become more calibrated and precise in all areas of your life, and optimize your life with greater leverage and confidence
  • Unleash your natural thought-leadership potential and inspire others to follow your vision and ideas.
  • ​​Develop a working style that aligns with your personality and principles, and learn how to effectively communicate with others
  • Learn how to identify the key sources of stress and energy drains for your INTP personality type.
  • ​Identify the ideal business partner who can complement your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • ​​Uncover the hidden blind-spots that may be sabotaging your success without you even realizing it
  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of your unique personality type and how it influences your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Discover the most essential action you can take to unlock your full potential and achieve success on your own terms
  • ​​Gain clarity and direction for your life, and take inspired action to achieve your goals with confidence and purpose.
  • Discover your business "power partner" who complements your strengths & weaknesses and can leverage each other toward career and financial success
  • ​Shine a bright light on your blind-spot and stop it from tripping you up
  • Yes - you are different. Finally be able to explain to others how your mind works
  • ​Do the single most important thing you can do for your personality type to advance your thinking
Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Owners, Personality Hacker
Created By Two Personal Growth Teachers
Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
This Owners Manual is designed by two personal growth teachers who credit much of their own success to the techniques you're about to learn. They each bring their unique skills into this program.

As a teenager, Antonia Dodge began studying personality types to understand how people tick and learn how to connect and relate to others. The results changed her life and she was hooked. Years later, she's developed and co-developed over 10 personal growth programs, coaches others in how to understand their personality and find the right personal growth path tailored to them.

Joel Mark Witt is a digital media entrepreneur with over two decades of business experience. His life changed when he truly understood that his personality was wired to give back to the world in a big way. He immediately gave himself permission to be his authentic self - quit his day job - and helped build Personality Hacker into a growing movement.

In this Personality Development Owners Manual, Joel & Antonia show you the concrete structure and frameworks that power the mental wiring of your mind and the daily practices needed for personal growth.
A System Backed by Science and Research
Author, Former UCLA professor, and personality typology expert Dario Nardi, has been doing research on the neuroscience of personality. His work with EEG machines and brainwave scans have indicated that the once soft science of personality typology can actually be measured in brainwave activity.

Let's get started on YOUR personal development journey by "hacking" your INTP personality type.

Option #1: Download Your 
"INTP Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTP Personality REPORT
Instant Access
  • Download 16 Page INTP Guide
  • 3 INTP Type Overview Videos
  • 2 "About Me" Guides

Option #2: Full Access
"INTP Owners Manual"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​5-Week Syllabus & Course
  • ​7 Videos
  • ​6 Audio Recordings
  • ​3 Workbooks
  • ​2 "About Me" Guides
  • ​BONUS: Side-By-Side Romantic Type Pairs
  • ​BONUS: Transcending Type Workshop
Full Program: 5-Week Course — Instant Access
  • 5-Week Syllabus & Course
  • 16 Page Report
  • 7 Videos + 6 Audios + 3 Workbooks
  • 2 "About Me" Guides
  • BONUS: Side-By-Side Type Paring
  • BONUS: Transcending Type
You're in good company! Do you know these famous INTPs?
Albert Einstein
Tig Notaro
Comic and Writer
Tony Hsieh
Former CEO, Zappos
What Others Are Saying:
"Since my childhood I have felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I have thoroughly researched my 'profile' through other avenues yet have not been provided with the detail that links it all together - you provided that for me."
- Helen
"I always wondered why I had such an ability of finding new information and integrating it into my worldview. Once I started acting on developing my Growth State, new worlds of possibility and opportunity opened up. It was like magic.
- Evan
"You have granted me a new level of understanding about myselfThis grants me a level of sense of self acceptance that is practically life saving. Thank you for changing my life." 
- Romi
"I didn't understand the meat and bones of the MBTI, that is, the cognitive functions. It is easy to read the stereotypical profiles on other websites and be completely misled into thinking that you are one type when you are really another.

That is why I am so grateful for your very honest thoughts! 

I discovered that I truly am an ENTP!"
- Lauren
"The simplicity and usability of the information has been remarkable. Together we were able to create breakthroughs in a matter of months where we had been stuck for years."
- Ivan
"My profile caused me to have rich, deep appreciation for myself that I have never had before." 
- Bill
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Don't Resonate with this type?
Online personality tests are only about 60% accurate. If this doesn't sound like you, it might not be your type. 
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