Your Personality Results:


  • Introvert
  • ​iNtuitive
  • ​Feeler
  • ​Judger

    Most people don’t understand or appreciate your mind. 
    Learn how to be respected for your deep insight and humanity.

    Knowing You're INFJ Can Change Everything...
    Dear INFJ,

    Hi, it's Joel and Antonia from Personality Hacker.

    We’ve been teaching personal growth and personality typology for almost a decade.

    Each year we get hundreds of emails from INFJs - like you - who ask us for coaching on how to navigate a world that often feels baffling with its emotional minefields and social expectations.

    After countless hours of coaching your type, we firmly believe that as an INFJ you have some AMAZING gifts the world doesn’t understand or appreciate.

    "As an INFJ, I've always felt like I see the world a little differently than most people."

    "I'm highly empathetic and intuitive, which means I can sense other people's emotions and needs almost instinctively. I'm always looking for ways to help others, and I get a real sense of fulfillment from knowing that I've made a positive difference in someone's life.

    At the same time, I'm very private and introspective. I spend a lot of time reflecting on my own thoughts and feelings, and I value my alone time more than anything. I'm a deep thinker, and I often get lost in my own thoughts and musings..."

    "What Makes Me An INFJ?"

    If you like simple: By understanding your personal preferences, you can gain valuable insights into your personality and how you relate to others.

    If you like technical stuff: Your 4 letter code I - N - F - J represent four pairs of opposite preferences that describe how people perceive and interact with the world around them. The pairs are: Extraversion (E) vs. Introversion (I), Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F), and Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P). 


    Being an Introvert means valuing your alone time and using it to fuel your creativity and self-reflection. It's a superpower that can help you live a rich and fulfilling life.


    Intuition is like a sixth sense that allows you to access deep knowledge and insights beyond what can be explained by reason. It's a powerful tool for connecting with your innermost self.


    Feeler preferences enable you to connect deeply with others and make decisions in alignment with your values. They bring more compassion and understanding into the world and help build richer, more meaningful relationships.


    Being a Judger means having a natural talent for planning, organization, and decision-making. It's like having a built-in roadmap for achieving our goals and making our dreams a reality.

    "I feel mis-understood. It's hard to find a core group of people who understand me. "

    "I value and desire intellectual pursuit of knowledge and love reading. I am also in touch with my emotions. I don't want to hurt people, so sometimes it's hard to have emotional boundaries.

    I really don't like small talk so it some social circles it can be tricky. I want to get to know people in an authentically and meaningfully, but the social norms of small talk get in the way ."

    "Do You Recognize These 
    INFJ Challenges?"

    We've surveyed 1,000's of INFJs over the past 10+ years, asking you to share your biggest struggles. Here are the results:

    Top 5 INFJ Challenges:

    • ​Setting & Maintaining Boundaries
    • ​Absorbing Other People's Emotions
    • ​Feeling Misunderstood in Relationships
    • ​Finding Purpose & Meaning
    • Managing Energy / Feeling Over Stimulated

    Here's the most common INFJ story:

    You grew up intuiting things that other people missed. You weren't always right in your conclusions, but you were right often enough to build trust in your intuition. When you shared your insights with others they demanded proof, something your intuition couldn't provide (yet). 

    From here the story goes a couple of ways. Unfortunately, 'vindication' is rarely the outcome. 

    In one version, your prediction eventually played out but the people you shared those assertions with forgot or simply marginalized your ability as coincidence.

    In another version, people got "weirded out" by your predictions.

    Either way, you learned to keep your insights to yourself.

    Then you learned the hard way that there's one thing you should always keep to yourself: this weird and inexplicable phenomenon of absorbing other people's emotions.

    Absorbing other's emotions came so naturally to you at such a young age, you assumed it was happening to everyone else, too...

    ... until it dawned on you that nobody knew what you were talking about (not that you couldn't find the right words). You learned to keep that ability (or what some INFJs label a burden) to yourself.

    You needed resources and mentors to help navigate this burden.

    If you didn't find these resources, you ran to the part of your personality that is cold, detached and critical. This may have been the only relief you could get.

    Being critical never feels good - it is not you - but it helps you survive the cascading torrent of other people's emotions assaulting you every day.

    It’s not all bad news, though! Many INFJs have overcome these pain points to live happy, authentic, and meaningful lives.

    At Personality Hacker, we've worked with hundreds of INFJs who have faced and overcome these challenges and others.

    And today, we want to help you do the same.

    "I take to heart and over-analyze everything."

    "I am so perfectionistic that I give up before I start projects. My perfectionism has actually been a tool I use to hurt myself. I have to give myself a break from the overwhelming self criticism."
    "Inside the Mind of the INFJ: Your Four Cognitive Functions"
    "I wish I could explain my INFJ cognitive functions to my younger self. It's helped me understand so much more about the way my mind works and my interactions with other people." - Jessica, INFJ

    Personality explains how we give meaning to information and make decisions by using mental processes called Cognitive Functions. This model is based upon the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

    Your Cognitive Functions, aka "The Car Model"

    If you like simple: Think of your mind like a 4 passenger vehicle. You have a Driver and a Copilot in the front, with a 10 Year Old and a 3 Year Old in the back seat. These represent parts of your mind that are the most naturally talented and confident, as well as parts that are uncertain and can be blind spots.

    If you like technical stuff: 
    We each have four mental processes, or cognitive functions, with which we identify. They are organized in two pairs, with a dominant function that's most strongly linked to our personality type. It is followed by an auxiliary function, then a tertiary and finally an inferior. Think of it like a car with four passengers: the Driver (dominant), Copilot (auxiliary), 10 Year Old (tertiary), and 3 Year Old (inferior). Each function has its own direction, orientation, and attitude, which affects how we perceive and judge the world.

    By understanding how these functions work together, we can gain valuable insights into how people think, make decisions, and interact with others.

    In the front seat you have the Driver. This is the most confident and often the most developed function of your personality. You spend most of your time here naturally because you feel the most certain when you're using it, and easily find Flow.

    Next, there's the Co-Pilot. This is your second strongest function which supports your Driver. While not as confident, it is a natural talent, and VERY important for your personal development.

    Behind this, there's the 10 Year Old. This function shows up with energy of child. It's a little uncertain, so often looks to other people's approval to borrow confidence. It can be a joy, or it can be defensive.

    Finally, there's the 3 Year Old. This is your least confident function. In fact, it is a place of deep uncertainty. But it is also a source of inspiration. Finding ways to integrate it into your personality is important for balance.

    The INFJ Car Model

    Driver Function: "Perspectives"
    Technical name: Introverted Intuition
    Characteristics: Information processing through insights and patterns that come from within. Often deep thinkers who have a strong sense of purpose and vision for the future. Skilled at seeing the big picture and anticipating future possibilities.

    Copilot Function: "Harmony"
    Technical name: Extraverted Feeling
    Characteristics: Evaluating the emotions and needs of others in the external world. It helps people maintain social harmony and resolve conflicts. When developed, helps with boundary setting.

    10 Year Old: "Accuracy"
    Technical name: Introverted Thinking
    Characteristics: Involves analyzing information logically and critically. Can be uncertain and overcompensate through perfectionism.

    3 Year Old: "Sensation"
    Technical name: Extraverted Sensing
    Characteristics: Involves being in tune with the sensory experiences of the external world. As a "3 Year Old," may be overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, struggle to be present and/or hesitate to take action. Integration is often needed.

    Discover the powerful leverage point of understanding cognitive functions and unleash your inner INFJ potential. By learning how these functions show up in your mind, you can become a more self-composed, energized individual with healthy boundaries and fulfilling relationships. No more struggling with perfectionism and self-criticism - unlock your true abilities with the knowledge of cognitive functions.

    NOTE: This is a mere TASTE of understanding the power of cognitive functions.

    Cognitive Functions are the key to unleashing your inner INFJ potential. By learning how these functions show up in your mind, you can: 

    • Overcome self-criticism and perfectionism
    • ​Stop over-analyzing and agonizing over conversations from the past that others have forgotten
    • ​Learn how to rest your senses when needed, AND boost your ability to handle over-stimulation, so you can thrive in any situation.
    • ​Get the right balance - no more over-doing or under-doing boundaries
    • ​Assert yourself to be heard and stop giving your power away
    Deep dive into cognitive functions to discover how your mind is wired.
    Gain powerful and applicable insights to craft a personal development path tailored to you.
    Bring your optimized self as a true partner in your relationships and become self-determined in your career.

    "I take to heart and over-analyze everything."

    "I am so perfectionistic that I give up before I start projects. My perfectionism has actually been a tool I use to hurt myself. I have to give myself a break from the overwhelming self criticism."
    "Three Things You Can Do Today to Reach Epic Levels Of Growth"
    First, starting today, you need to dedicate careful time and attention to developing your co-pilot function of Harmony ("Extraverted Feeling"). 

    This is the #1 thing you can do to grow right now.

    Without a strong co-pilot, you're going to stay stuck in the same place with the same old challenges.

    This is done by focusing on where you end and other people begin. This function is crucial for creating boundaries.

    It also a function that helps get everyone's needs met. The better you flex it, the more you will remember that you are part of 'everyone'!

    Second, you need to become aware of your 10 Year Old Accuracy ("Introverted Thinking") and how it hijacks your personality, steering you away from where you actually want to go.

    It is the inner critic that helps you get distance from others, but can send you into a perfectionistic tailspin. It can also be cruel in its self-criticism and judgments of others.

    Developing strategies for dealing with this, and getting yourself back on track is essential to success.

    Third, your 3 Year Old Sensation ("Extraverted Sensing") needs attention, too. Learn how to give your 3 Year Old function what it needs to keep you safe, healthy, and on the right track.

    It can be easy to ignore if it feels like too much stimulation, but it's also how you gain energy, become present to the moment, and feel MAX ALIVENESS. Without it, you will never take action to truly live your life. 

    If you ignore your 3 Year Old it will find unhealthy ways to get your attention.

    Now we've got some good news and bad news.

    The good news is that some people naturally learn to do all three of these over a lifetime.

    You can figure it out on your own, BUT:

    The bad news is that it can take years and years of pain, frustration, and missed opportunities before you figure it out.

    We've assisted hundreds of INFJs in developing their personality. We want to work with you too.

    Imagine becoming the best possible version of an INFJ.

    At Personality Hacker, we have developed a program intended to address INFJ challenges, as well as ways to get into the healthiest version of yourself.
    "Introducing... The Ultimate Owners Manual for INFJs"
    Unlock Your Full Potential as an INFJ with a Comprehensive 5-Module Guided Experience

    Module 1: Type Fundamentals

    In this module, we'll explore your INFJ personality in rich media: 
    — Lesson 1: INFJ Personality Type Overview (video)
    — Lesson 2: The 4 Styles of The INFJ Personality (video)
    — Lesson 3: INFJ Dichotomies (video)
    — Lesson 4: The INFJ Car Model (video)
    — Lesson 5: INFJ Type Specific Challenges (audio)

    Module 2: Finding INFJ Flow

    Finding and maintaining flow for your life can make or break your success in the world. In this module, we'll explore:
    — Lesson 1: Using Personality To Find Flow (video)
    — Lesson 2: INFJ Finding Flow Using All Four Cognitive Functions (audio)
    — Lesson 3: INFJ Overcoming Challenges to Finding Flow (audio)

    Module 3: INFJ Loops & Grips

    INFJ "loops" and "grips" are phenomena that trap you in your cognition, and you can be completely blind to it! In this module we discuss:
    — Lesson 1: Personality Loops & Grips Explained (video)
    — Lesson 2: INFJ - 3 Types of Loops (audio)
    — Lesson 3: INFJ - 3 Types of Grips (audio)

    Module 4: The INFJ "FIRM" Fixation

    Different personality types have different control fixations based on their cognitive functions. For INFJs, it's "Invulnerability." This module features:
    — Lesson 1: Personality FIRM Fixation Explained (video)
    — Lesson 2: INFJ - FIRM Fixation: Rightness of Invulnerability (audio)

    Module 5: The INFJ Tool Kit

    This module features exercises to accompany the previous modules. Specific action steps are necessary so you can become the absolute best version of an INFJ. Each of the tools in this toolbox is created from years of coaching and working with INFJs helping them find practical and actionable changes to grow and develop. 


    "About Me" Guides - For loved ones and business associates

    INFJs in Relationships: A Side-by-Side Comparison of all 16 Types

    Transcending Type: A 2 Hour Webinar to Keep Type Healthy

    Are you ready to take control of your INFJ personality and unlock your full potential?

    A System Backed by Science and Research
    Author, Former UCLA professor, and personality typology expert Dario Nardi, has been doing research on the neuroscience of personality. His work with EEG machines and brainwave scans have indicated that the once soft science of personality typology can actually be measured in brainwave activity.
    What Your INFJ Personality Development Owners Manual
    Will Do For You:

    Stop being assaulted or poisoned by other people's emotions

    Discover why your personality gets lost in one-sided relationships, and learn how to stand up for your identity in healthy interdependent partnerships

    Learn how to optimize your dormant talent of lifting morale and getting others needs met to crush your business goals

    Rapidly develop your co-pilot function of Extraverted Feeling and develop healthy boundaries in healthy relationships

    Become the leader others want to follow by developing natural leadership skills

    How to avoid the top 3 energy drains for your INFJ type and how to manage stress

    Discover your business "power partner" who complements your strengths & weaknesses and can drive each other toward career and financial success

    Shine a bright light on your blind-spot and stop it from tripping you up

    Yes - you are different! Finally be able to explain to others how your mind works

    Do the single most important thing you can do for your personality type to advance your goals and achieve success

    Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
    Owners, Personality Hacker
    Created By Two Personal Growth Teachers
    Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
    This Owners Manual is designed by two personal growth teachers who credit much of their own success to the techniques you're about to learn. They each bring their unique skills into this program.

    As a teenager, Antonia Dodge began studying personality types to understand how people tick and learn how to connect and relate to others. The results changed her life and she was hooked. Years later, she's developed and co-developed over 10 personal growth programs, coaches others in how to understand their personality and find the right personal growth path tailored to them.

    Joel Mark Witt is a digital media entrepreneur with over two decades of business experience. His life changed when he truly understood that his personality was wired to give back to the world in a big way. He immediately gave himself permission to be his authentic self - quit his day job - and helped build Personality Hacker into a growing movement.

    In this Personality Development Owners Manual, Joel & Antonia show you the concrete structure and frameworks that power the mental wiring of your mind and the daily practices needed for personal growth.
    "INFJ Owners Manual"

    The INFJ Owners Manual is a guided experience to 
    help you understand your personality type and 
    unlock your full potential.

    MODULE 1

    INFJ Type Fundamentals

    In this module we are going to start unpacking your INFJ personality in greater detail. Let's start with an overview of your type and then begin zooming in to identify four styles of INFJs. Next, you will learn about the dichotomies and dive deeper into your "Car Model" - a framework for understanding what is technically called your cognitive function stack. Finally, we end this module with a discussion about some of the specific challenges you face in the world as an INFJ.

    In This Module:

    • INFJ Personality Type Overview: Learn about the traits, tendencies, and preferences of the INFJ personality type in this comprehensive video overview.
    • ​The 4 Styles of The INFJ Personality: Discover the four unique styles of the INFJ personality and gain insight into how they impact your life and relationships.
    • ​Understanding The 4 Letters INFJ: Explore the dichotomies that define the INFJ personality type and learn how they shape your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
    • ​​The INFJ Car Model: Get a visual explanation of how the different parts of your personality work together (or sometimes against each other) with this fun, animated presentation on the INFJ Car Model.
    • INFJ Type Specific Challenges: Explore the common challenges that the INFJ personality type faces in life and learn how to overcome them.

    MODULE 2

    Finding Flow With Your Personality

    Finding and maintaining flow for your life can make or break your success in the world. When you are in flow you still face challenges, but your life is setup so it works WITH your natural personality and style, not against it. In this module we are going to define and explain flow, show you how to find flow with all four parts of your car model, and overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be in your way.

    In This Module:

    • Using Personality To Find Flow: Discover how to use your personality type to find flow in your work, relationships, and everyday life.
    • ​Finding Flow As An INFJ: A detailed explanation of how to use all four cognitive functions to achieve flow and improve your life as an INFJ.
    • Overcoming INFJ Challenges to Flow: Learn how to overcome the challenges that can hold you back from finding flow as an INFJ and achieving your goals.

    MODULE 3

    Navigating Personality Blind Spots: Loops & Grips

    As you go about navigating your INFJ personal growth journey, some of the biggest challenges will come from what are called "loops" and "grips." In this module we are going to explain loops and grips, identify three styles of each, and give you a practical action plan to avoid or overcome these obstacles when they rear their ugly head.

    In This Module:

    • Personality Loops & Grips Explained: Understand the loops and grips that can hold you back as an INFJ, and learn how to identify and overcome them.
    • ​3 Styles of INFJ Loops: Discover the three types of loops that can impact the INFJ personality type and how to avoid getting stuck in them.
    • ​3 Styles of INFJ Grips: Explore the three types of grips that can impact the INFJ personality type and learn how to overcome them.

    MODULE 4

    INFJ Fixations

    We are going to focus on your INFJ personality fixation for creating and maintaining a sense of control in your life. Different personality types have different control fixations based on their cognitive functions. In this module we will show you an overview of control fixations for all personalities, the one that you use specifically as an INFJ, and action steps to overcome it.

    In This Module:

    • INFJ Fixation Explained: Learn about the FIRM fixation of invulnerability and how it can affect the INFJ personality type.
    • ​FIRM Fixation: Invulnerability: Understand the FIRM fixation of invulnerability and how to address it as an INFJ.

    MODULE 5

    INFJ Toolbox

    In this module we outline specific "Tools Of Action" and steps you can begin taking in your life to grow yourself as an INFJ. Each of the tools in this toolbox is created from years of coaching and working with INFJs helping them find practical and actionable changes to grow and develop. Spend time understanding each tool and be sure to actually do the exercises. INFJs that we've coached have seen massive personal growth from implementing the techniques and strategies we suggest.

    In This Module:

    • Tool - INFJ Finding Flow: Use this tool to help you get into flow quickly and consistently and improve your productivity and happiness.
    • Tool - INFJ Developing Your Co-Pilot: This tool is designed to help you develop the Co-Pilot (auxiliary) cognitive function in your personality.
    • ​Tool - Honoring Your 3-Year-Old: This tool is designed to help you honor your 3-Year-Old (inferior) cognitive function in your personality.
    • Tool - Crafting A Vision For Your Ideal Day: This tool is designed to help you create a vision for the ideal day-to-day experience of your life.

    Keep Your INFJ Momentum Going 
    With These 3 Advanced Bonuses

    12-Week INFJ Life Path Journal

    Apply your new understanding of how an INFJ is wired to every area of your life. 12-weeks of journal prompts take into account your cognitive functions and help you tailor a personal development strategy to yourself.

    Value: $97

    •   FREE — Included with the INFJ Owners Manual

    BONUS #1 — INFJ "About Me" Guides

    Each of these guides is designed for you to give to others to explain you. Includes a guide to give to your partner/spouse and guide for your co-workers or boss.

    Value: $47

    •   FREE — Included with the INFJ Owners Manual

    BONUS #2 — INFJ Side-By-Side Relationship Type Pairings

    We detail how your type interacts in a relationship with all 16 of the Myers Briggs types. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We cover the challenges, rewards, and advice for improved compatibility.  

    Value: $197

    •   FREE — Included with the INFJ Owners Manual

    BONUS #3 — Transcending Type Training

    Knowing your type is a powerful tool. The most powerful tools must be used responsibly. A hammer can help build a house or bludgeon someone to death. This bonus training guides you to the best and most healthy relationship you can have with your personality type, and reminds you to always use your understanding for building yourself up, never bludgeoning yourself (or others).

    Value: $197

    •   FREE — Included with the INFJ Owners Manual

    What You Will Learn In
    The "INFJ Owners Manual"

    • Discover practical strategies for setting emotional boundaries for protecting your energy
    • ​​Uncover the unconscious patterns that are holding you back in your love life
    • ​​Develop tools and techniques to build healthy, fulfilling relationships that meet your unique needs and preferences
    • ​​Learn how to turn your ideas into tangible results, while staying true to your INFJ strengths and values
    • ​Gain insights into your unique relationship patterns and tendencies as an INFJ
    • ​​Gain recognition and respect for your strategic thinking skills, and become a go-to expert in your field
    • ​Learn how to develop your Extraverted Feeling function to improve your communication and relationships with others
    • ​Learn practical stress management techniques to improve your overall well-being
    • ​​Develop strategies to manage stress and maintain your energy levels, while staying focused and productive in your daily life
    • ​​Build a powerful, mutually beneficial partnership that helps you achieve greater career and financial success than you could on your own
    • ​​Develop strategies to overcome these blind-spots and transform them into opportunities for growth and success
    • ​​Develop the ability to communicate your complex ideas and thought processes to others, and help them understand and appreciate your unique perspective
    • ​​​Gain clarity and direction for your life, and take inspired action to achieve your goals with confidence and purpose.
    • Discover how to strengthen your Extraverted Thinking function, which is essential for achieving success in the real world.
    • ​​Watch yourself become more decisive, efficient, and effective in all areas of your life, and achieve your goals with greater ease and confidence
    • ​Learn how to tune into your own emotions and stay grounded in challenging situations
    • ​​Unleash your natural leadership potential and inspire others to follow your vision and ideas.
    • ​Discover the unique leadership qualities of INFJs and how to develop them
    • ​Learn how to communicate effectively in relationships and advocate for your own needs without compromising your values
    • ​Discover common energy drains for INFJs and how to mitigate them
    • ​​Develop a leadership style that aligns with your personality and values, and learn how to effectively communicate and motivate others
    • ​​Learn how to identify the key sources of stress and energy drains for your personality type.
    • ​​Identify the ideal business partner who can complement your unique strengths and weaknesses
    • ​​Uncover the hidden blind-spots that may be sabotaging your success without you even realizing it
    • ​​Gain a deeper understanding of your unique personality type and how it influences your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
    • ​​Discover the most essential action you can take to unlock your full potential and achieve success on your own terms

    Let's get started on YOUR personal development journey by "hacking" your INFJ personality type.

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