“INTJs and INTPs: Finally, Navigate Small Talk, Emotional Vampires, Social Games and Office Politics — So You Can Ignite the Motivation You Crave to Create Deep Relationships and a Purposeful Career.”
Most people don’t understand your mind. Learn how to be respected for your analysis and perspective without being labeled as a cold, detached “robot.”
Dear INTP or INTJ,

Hi, it's Joel and Antonia from Personality Hacker.

We’ve been teaching personal growth and personality typology for almost a decade.

Each year we get hundreds of emails from INTJs and INTPs - like you - who ask us for coaching on how to navigate a world that often feels baffling with its emotional minefields and social expectations.

After countless hours of coaching your type, we firmly believe that as an INTJ or INTP you have some AMAZING gifts the world doesn’t understand or appreciate.

Here’s a quick list of some of these gifts you bring to the world (as written the words of people with your type)...
INTJ GIFT #1: You’re Amazing at Analyzing Situations
My gift is logically analyzing and solving problems. I can absorb large amounts of information in many different fields.” - INTJ

I understand where things are going and instinctively follow the right path  (9 times out of ten). Then, I analyze it — making scenarios, calculating possible outcomes, visualizing them, making diagrams (love my diagrams!), etc.
I usually
inform other concerned parties but they just won't listen to me.” - INTJ

“At work, I'm really good at figuring out ways to report and analyze data. I mostly use Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Excel. Outside of work, I'm really good at my local bar's trivia night (I crush it when it comes to history, geography, and literature).” - INTJ

I’m good at analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution ADAPT to virtually any situation (may not like it but can do it) RECALL facts and intricate details easily” - INTJ

I can analyze the facts, see the big picture, set aside my feelings to see things objectively” - INTJ

“Some of my strengths include listening skills, planning, seeing the big picture, interpreting/analyzing information or events, stepping back and seeing the "whole" of the matter, synthesizing new perspectives, and giving advice.” - INTJ

INTP GIFT #1: You Learn FAST
 "I get motivated by helping people, because it helps me learn faster. The ultimate solution of finding the right way of doing things that helps everyone."  - INTP

  "Reaching above average level of knowledge on a topic of interest very quickly, identifying the most important pieces out of a large amount of information, motivating others with realistic and effective strategies." - INTP

"I can pick up (specifically IT Networking/Network Security) topics fairly quickly, relating concepts to other things I know, and adding them into my INTP Encyclopedia/Web." - INTP

"When I learn something, my brain is instantly rewarded. Maybe I receive a cognitive affirmation, that serves as much needed support." - INTP

"When I encounter an issue that I would like to investigate in greater detail, then I have noticed being able to quickly think of things to ask as I investigate it."  - INTP

"Learning things quickly in the respects of any art or science." - INTP

INTP GIFT #2: You Simplify Complex Systems for the Rest of us
"Most people dismiss my insights because I seem to come to them too quickly. Most people underestimate the complexity of my thought processes." - INTP

"I troubleshoot well. I have good intuition to find errors in complex systems." - INTP

"Boiling complex systems down to their bare essentials: systems modeling, information architecture, and interaction design.
I build software professionally, but I apply the same recognition or modelling of trends and relationships to everything else that captures my interest. e.g. philosophy, theology, personality typology, and gaming" - INTP

       "An INTP strength of mine is my ability to create from the perspective of a detached observer. I can enter into a non judging mental state, observe and quickly see many possible connections between seemingly unconnected ideas/processes/objects and construct scenarios around the implications of building novel combinations. I love having this ability and I use it to create art, explore for buried depositional environments (I work as a geologist) and to generally entertain myself." - INTP

"Analyze everything! Take in loads of information and somehow make sense of it all. Conceptualize. Understand how things work. Brainstorm inside my head. Think quick. Know when someone is talking a load of rubbish (but have learned very good self control over the years also). Demonstrate love, care and compassion (don't always have the right words but I'm getting there, learning from others). Use all the information I've collected over the years to very quickly and easily engage with others (I could have been working in a place a month and know more people then someone who has been working there for years). Understand what others may be thinking and act/respond appropriately. And the list of using my strengths to overcome my weaknesses continues to grow every week…" - INTP

"Understanding abstract concepts and applying learned frameworks to new areas. Creative problem solving." - INTP

INTJ GIFT #2: You’re an Amazing Planner
“I'm good at managing, strategizing as well as planning.” - INTJ

“My strength: Planning and creating complex systems; quickly analyzing situations; problem solving; troubleshooting; research and development; summarizing and communicating information; making tough decisions without easily getting flooded by emotions.” - INTJ

“Efficiency, long-range plans, organizing, analyzing, pattern recognition, logic, writing, giving directions, leadership, reading other's emotions/moods, PROBLEM SOLVING!” - INTJ

“I have intense focus if I need to figure something out (I've worked on my calculus for 10 hours straight and it wasn't tiring.) I am great at planning and then implementing.”  - INTJ

“Understanding behavior of people - or at least why they may be acting in a certain way. I also excel in strategic planning, mostly planning day to day to help reach long term goals. Learning information and conceptualizing are also strengths.”  - INTJ

“Decisive. Always planning ahead and getting annoyed if someone/something became a hinder. Strategic. Very strategic.”  - INTJ

“Strategize rapidly, predict outcomes, switch from creative mode to planning mode back and forth as needed, see people's individual strengths.” - INTJ

“What is around the corner motivates me. There are subtle clues that I "feel" that change needs to happen. I then start to work on them to pinpoint the area (home, work,, hobbies, friends) which is the cause. Then a plan emerges and then it is either to grab an opportunity when it come along or just start executing. You have no idea how many times I've heard that I have made some radical change fast and without planning... no dear I've be working on this for months even years.” - INTJ

“My strengths are my organizational skills, planning ability, ability to focus and think through problems or projects, and ability to get things done.” - INTJ

INTJ GIFT #3: You See the “Bigger Picture”
"My biggest strength is problem solving on a logistical side of things. Especially big picture, long term kind of stuff. I'm happiest and gain energy through that process of analyzing and coming up with solutions. The problem I face with that though is getting people on board with my plans." - INTJ

"Problem solving, critical thinking, conducting research and analyzing data to draw a conclusion, writing, understanding situations from multiple perspectives, generating new ideas, focusing on areas of interest." - INTJ

        "Understanding the essence of something, concentrating it when possible and making it visible/clear in a way that furthers its natural end. Streamlining and bringing everything into accord with the truth or principle behind that something. Analyzing the big picture (not details) for trends, troubleshooting, working on a project with tangible fruits when I'm given freedom and enough authority to act, and sometimes being in an advisory role when the leader has too much public exposure -- provided I'm listened to and given due credit."  - INTJ

"Some of my strengths include listening skills, planning, seeing the big picture, interpreting/analyzing information or events, stepping back and seeing the "whole" of the matter, synthesizing new perspectives, and giving advice." - INTJ

    "Staying calm in charged situations; thinking (and planning) ahead; being understanding about where a person is based on what led them to this point; understanding a situation from a larger, zoomed out perspective." - INTJ

  "I am usually able to tell you why someone acts the way they do I am not usually sure how or what I noticed to make me believe something about people but I am usually right. I am also usually good at seeing how things will turn out if we take a certain path and seeing the big picture." - INTJ

"I am good at problem solving and I easily understand the big picture. Because of this I am able to come up with successful ideas and strategies for change." - INTJ

"Problem solving, coming up with creative solutions that consider the big picture. Being calm, competent, and practical when everyone else is freaking out." - INTJ

  "Problem solving, big picture connections, explaining complicated things in simple terms, connecting to people on a human level." - INTJ

"I'm great at processing information and finding a place for it in a system of ideas and facts. Because I see everything as connected, I'm able to find context in which to understand almost anything—if I'm given enough time. I've had people call me wise, even though I'm still pretty young. It's probably because I strive to see the big picture without losing sight of the small and to understand all sides of an issue." - INTJ

 "Analyzing the facts, seeing the big picture, setting aside feelings to see things objectively." - INTJ

"Long term goals motivate me. Like, I might want to move somewhere, to another country. It's energizing making a mental list of the things I need to do to get to that. I love doing things that make a difference in the big picture. Working in the food industry (cook, serve, wash dishes, clean kitchen, do the same thing the next day) would not work for me.
My actions have to have some kind of larger purpose or I feel direction-less.
" - INTJ

 "Take in information and intuitively understand multiple points of view. I'm good at seeing the big picture and figuring out what things are most important to focus on. I can sense who can be trusted with my delicate inner self." - INTJ

     "Building systems in my head, implementing ideas into the real world. Looking at the big picture, understanding interrelations between multiple concepts. Explaining complicated relations in a way that makes a 3 year old understand the problem." - INTJ

INTP GIFT #3: You're a Kick-Ass Problem Solver
“Understanding large concepts of life from everyday experience, problem solving, quickly filing through all the various options and outcomes of a situation or decision.” - INTP

“I am learning really quickly by deep understanding and I can scale it and apply to many other things. By just understanding rules and things that helps me to make a decision upon I can change my behavior easily and often come up with better solution. So philosophy and psychology was always interesting for me. I have a special relationship with world and nature, I feel connected with whole the world on the atom level (reference: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey s01e02) and I can't come with solution that in the long term is destroying balance.”  - INTP

A lot of people say that I can be wise and give good advise, and usually in discussions I think through every problem and come up with a solution to any disagreement fairly quickly and I often can end an argument between two people quickly.” - INTP

“Planning, deducting, connecting concepts that might seem unrelated, learning (specially languages and written stuff), coming up with original ideas or ways of problem solving.”  - INTP

Internal rapid pattern matching based on past experience. This is extremely valuable for me outside of traditional INTP pattern matching in problem solving and technical skills (which I also do well, I am a database Architect professionally) - I also pattern match people, both as a group and individually from a personality standpoint. Not necessarily personality types, but things like biases, habits, motivation, thinking patterns, etc. People for me are patterns to 'solve', just like a trend in a database, just much, much harder. In my profession I meet a lot of INT* types, many of them as talented as I am as a technical pattern matcher. I've never met another human being who is even in my ballpark of human pattern matching. It gives me an incredible ability to be perceptive in a way that isn't necessarily empathetically based.” - INTP

“In terms of reasoning: Analysis, Induction, Deductive and Counterfactual thinking. In terms of complex cognitive skills: creativity and problem solving. I'm also able to spot errors, troubleshoot, and revise my thoughts, ideas, and behaviors given feedback. I'm also adept at research and learning skills in general.”  - INTP

“I am really good at problem solving. In general this translates into an ability (and love) of playing with ideas. They can be logical, theoretical or personal. I am completely willing and open for people to have different experiences, so I am surprisingly good at creating non-judgemental and honest spaces.” - INTP
You Have Gifts That People Rarely See or Appreciate
Even when you do your best to share your insights... the careful information you’ve gathered from years of research... the results of your analysis, the creative solutions that will strike at the very heart of a problem…

Even when you do the very thing everyone says they want (“We just want solutions!”), you show up ready to help but are stripped of your opportunity to shine...

You want to use your gifts to make an impact in the world...you have potential but…

Your Life Isn’t Where You Expected it to Be...
     It seems like everyone got the memo of how life works except you.

      As you think about living a 6 out of 10 life all you can say is… “Meh.”

     That’s what life has become for you. A bunch of people and situations that are "meh".

     You know what I mean - right? Living a life that’s just okay?

     There’s just enough money in the bank each month to pay the bills.

     You’ve got a decent job, but you’re stuck in “Professional Purgatory.”

     Your relationships are “meh.” Not terrible. It’s more of the same thing..

     Today is just a carbon copy of yesterday. Each day is a copy of a copy of a copy.  

Why INTJs & INTPs Get Stuck in “Professional Purgatory”
Reason #1: You're Stuck as a Cog in an Inefficient Machine
Picture yourself working on a project where you've identified a faster, more efficient method. However, your suggestion is brushed aside because "that's not how we do things here."

You sit at your work desk and shake your head at how poorly designed all the systems are around you. Your boss makes bad decisions. Your co-workers feel like zombies. All the talents and skills you thought you were bringing to the adult working world have been reduced down and disregarded. All they want is a button pusher - not a deep thinker.

Three reasons why you feel "stuck": 

1) Lack of Appreciation for Innovation: Your analytical mind constantly seeks better solutions, but the lack of appreciation for these innovations can be frustrating. 

2) Constrained by Bureaucracy: Traditional hierarchical structures can often stifle your free-thinking nature. 

3) Feeling Underutilized: Knowing you could contribute so much more but being limited by the system can make you feel like an underused resource.

INTPs & INTJs in their own words:

     "I remember working at a big agency.  I got to the point that I didn't care any more. I started out with so many ideas about how we could do better work and be more efficient, but soon I learned to just come in and do it the wrong way because that's the way it was done." - INTP

     “I struggle with boredom and thinking everyone is an idiot because of their slow processing speed. I get lost in the joy of my own thoughts because what others are talking about doesn't hold my interest.” - INTP

Reason #2: Work has "Beaten the Passion Out of You”
     Recall those early days in your career or studies when you were excited about every challenge, only to be met with repetitive tasks and a lack of intellectual stimulation over time.

     This started when you were still a child. The adults in your world didn’t understand your unique gifts and mental abilities. They just wanted you to follow the directions and move on. In adulthood this carries over into your work life. You learned to settle in school to get the grade. Now you settle to get the paycheck.

Three reasons why you feel drained of passion: 

1) Lack of Challenge: You thrive on solving complex problems; routine tasks can quickly become monotonous.

2) Misunderstood Enthusiasm: Your passion for diving deep can sometimes be perceived as being too intense or obsessive by others. 

3) Unfulfilled Potential: Knowing you have more to offer but not having the avenue to do so can be disheartening.

INTPs & INTJs in their own words:

     "My biggest challenge has  been to find a career that fits, that doesn't feel like it's sucking out my life essence. I want something fulfilling." - INTP

     "Anytime I don't feel challenged at a job, I start to feel stagnant because I'm not progressing or learning anything new. Because I learn really fast, I tend to get bored and lazy within about a year at any one job, at which point I'll start looking for a new one. This has happened to me at nearly every job I've ever had." - INTJ

Reason #3: You’re Feeling Doubt Because You Lack Direction and Clarity on What YOU Want to Bring to the World
You've always had a vision of making a significant impact, but the myriad of possibilities and the lack of a clear path can be paralyzing.

Without having clarity about what you want for your life - you drift aimlessly through your career. After a while you start to feel invisible - like a wallflower that is no longer able to command attention for your thoughts or ideas.

Three reasons why you feels confused: 

1) Overanalysis: With your propensity for deep thinking, it's easy to get caught in a loop of endless analysis, leading to inaction. 

2) Seeking Perfection: The quest for the 'perfect' path or decision can often result in feeling stuck. 

3) External Misalignment: The external world's expectations might not always align with your internal compass, leading to confusion.

INTPs & INTJs in their own words:

“I struggle with actually taking action to fulfill my dreams and goals. I end up planning and thinking too much about my ideas instead of making them real. I need to stop being such a perfectionist.” - INTJ

“I have a really hard time sticking to tasks, generally with my university studies because I'm more interested in conceptual pursuits than my schoolwork. But I gotta study to get do well in college.” - INTP

“I’m very insecure about the future. I feel tied to my desk and feel like time is racing by without me finding the thing I can excel at. I want to do something big with my time and knowledge, but most of time it feels like I should give up, choose a job and just secure a living.” - INTJ

“I hate my own procrastination and apathy. They’ve really taken a toll on me, and I find going through everyday life boring, emotionally exhausting, and worry it will be like this forever (with all my doubts, the loneliness, and the pressure).” - INTJ

I have self-doubt especially when it comes to feelings. My self-doubt gets so bad that I doubt it when I am feeling sick, which might be not ideal, to put it lightly.” - INTJ

Why INTJs & INTPs Feel Like
Their Personal Life is a "6 Out of 10"
INTx Challenge #1: You're an “Open Book”
But People Call You a Dull, Lifeless “Robot”
     People get the wrong message from you all the time. Besides interruptions to your focused workflow (which is truly annoying) you actually WANT to connect with other humans. And despite your best efforts to be open, you hear that you are “bitchy” - “cold” - “distant” and a “robot.” Your attempts at being friendly and helpful repel people instead of draw them in. And it’s confusing.

     “Even though I very much want to provide the right emotional response for people, when I attempt to do so, I feel like my face is making some kind of weird contortion in my attempt to force it to fit their sudden emotional needs. I can do this somewhat better for people very close to me, or those I have known for a long time. Otherwise, I go into instant panic mode when someone needs an emotional response. In my defense, I will absolutely do everything in my power to help you in any real way I can, will give you many chances to get things right, and will accept you for who you are, even when that is the exact opposite of me. - INTP

     “I'm more of an observer rather than a participator. People take that to mean that I'm not interested in what's happening or I don't like them. As an INTP female - I've always felt that other women have some kind of secret code word I need to know in order to be part of their “inner circle.” I’m often left out of many group activities since my female friends never see me as “one of the girls.” I also don't get invited to “guy weekends” since I’m not a dude.” - INTP

     “I really dislike surface level interactions, so I'm genuinely surprised when others are content with them. I prefer to form strong bonds with people. When having a conversation with another person, I'm eager to figure them out. The deeper the conversation the better, which is either unmatched or met with feelings of discomfort.” - INTJ

     “Just because I don't show them, people seem to think I don't have any feelings.” - INTJ

     “I'm not really interested in talking about the latest sports scores or celebrity drama. I prefer to ask deeper questions and to have more genuine experiences with people which usually catches others off guard and sometimes makes them uncomfortable.” - INTP

INTx Challenge #2: You Stand on the Sidelines Watching the Social Game - Hoping That Someone - Anyone - Will Invite You to Play...
        ...and once you’re invited, you get stressed out. Little things, like remembering people’s names, and how you’re supposed to greet them. How long will you have to deal with small talk? What if you don’t come across friendly and likeable? What if you have to pretend you’re interested in something inane?

How do you NOT judge other people... and find yourself back to square one?

If you feel this way, you’re not alone…

"I can be very good in social situations, I can also be very bad... There is usually no in between. I am either the clown who leads the group, or the follower because I don't care enough to assert myself. When I am awkward, which is very often... I don't care. If I am embarrassed, it goes away quickly because it is silly to be embarrassed. - INTJ

“I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m worried about coming off as rude or uninterested unless I comply with the right social cues or obligations for the sake of politeness.” - INTP

“I have a tendency to push others away and become a shut-in when I've been hurt, rejected, or don't feel like I belong. It takes a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone and go to an event alone because I fear rejection.” - INTJ

I’m awkward at regular social chit chat. I’m bad at responding to text messages/emails that don't require a response (but the person is expecting one). I don't know how to start a conversation with a person I don't know anything about.” - INTJ

“I have difficulty approaching people. When speaking, I tend to talk quietly with as little words as possible. I tend to have anxiety attacks when I'm unprepared to socialize.” -INTP

“After a lot of socializing, I have to hide for a while. I haven't figured out this whole socializing thing, so I spend a fair amount of energy trying to understand what the expectations are in each type of relationship. I love people, and I don't want to hurt them, but I'm afraid that I will on accident, just because, as an introvert, I sometimes have to avoid them. I don't understand what people expect from me.” - INTJ

INTx Challenge #3: Finding Like Minded People to Talk To
Every interaction feels like you’ve either been misunderstood or misinterpreted. You try to start interesting conversations, but it seems like no matter how hard you try people just aren’t listening. When you can actually have a good conversation there’s a sense of relief - you can actually open up and have fun! But they’re so infrequent, and you’re not sure where to find those like minded people. If you had three wishes and a genie, this might be the first thing you wish for.

I pretend to care about what people have to say, because I know what the problem is, and the problem isn't what they're trying to express, because they are lying to themselves.” - INTP

"I have many acquaintances but very few friends. Most of my relationships are superficial. I like to get to know people very well and I ask them many questions about their lives, etc. If they don't reciprocate, I move on pretty quickly. Everything has to be geniune and very trusting. I share VERY little with people about myself." - INTJ

“My truly intimate friends -- those with whom I feel I can be fully myself -- are painfully too few in number. I'm too rare a bird for many people to fully understand or appreciate.” - INTJ

“I see so many people enjoying themselves, talking, and having a good time. It feels like I've spent 42 years looking out the window watching others have fun. I can’t help but feel like I'm missing out on so much.” - INTJ

“Being impartial, it turns out, is NOT what people want from me. For example, my husband doesn't want to discuss what traffic engineering principles were violated causing the person next to him to have to change lanes quickly and cut him off. He just wants me to say, "What a jerk!" This continues to be difficult for me. I want to analyze things, and it actually takes effort to identify with my emotional reactions if I happen to have any for a particular situation.” - INTP

I get incredibly bored with small talk. If I'm not having an interesting conversation, it drains me and I'd rather recharge with introverted time to myself.” - INTP

I want to engage people intellectually (let's talk about psychology. Let's talk about math, etc). But I always get very nervous and only show that I'm interested to people I know well. I don't want to bore anyone and I’m surprised when I share my ideas and deeper thoughts with people and they’re sincerely interested.” - INTP

Today is a Carbon Copy of Yesterday...
...Each Day Seems Like a Copy...of a Copy...of a Copy.

There’s some money in the bank. Your job is okay. Your relationships are okay.

It’s a 6 out of 10 day. It’s a 6 out of 10 job. You have a 6 out of 10 relationship.

And now… average all that together and you’ve got yourself a basic run of the mill 6 out of 10 life. Ugggh.

Truth is..

As an INTJ or INTP - you are actually wired a little differently than others. You can have a 10 out of 10 life that matches your 10 out of 10 intellect and perspectives.

BUT (and this is a big “but”)...

...You will not be able to get there the way most other people get there. It’s going to take a different path for you because of how you’re uniquely wired.

The life you’re living is not reflecting the potential you have deep inside you.

And as each day ticks by you know it.

Deep down, you may be wondering…

“Why am I not living up to my full potential?”

“I know I’m smart, so why can’t I figure this out?” I can learn anything, so why can’t I wrap my mind around this?”

“Why can’t I get myself motivated? Why does it feel like nothing matters? Does anything matter?”

“Is there something I’m missing...did I not get the memo?”

“Do I have what it takes?”

Should I Settle Like Everyone Else?
INTx Option 1: Surrender Your Dignity and
"Dumb Yourself Down” Life's Templates.
In this option you play the fool - lower the quality of your thinking - and “play the game” striving for a high quality life. Most people around you (let’s say around 97%) go for this option. They follow the cookie cutter template and seemingly turn off their brains.

— OR —
INTx Option 2: Be a Disciplined & Rigorous Thinker
at the Expense of Having a Vibrant Life.
In this option you keep your standards high - you blaze your own trail - but surrender your social life, career, and impact in the world to average levels.

It feels very unfair that you are forced to accept one of these terrible choices.

Follow the template and grease the wheels at work and socially. Or blaze your own trail down the road of social isolation and career suffering.

The good news… this is a false dichotomy.

It’s bullshit designed to control you. Plain and simple.

The world gives you this false choice to render you impotent.

If people can force you to stoop and meet them on their terms (THEIR false dichotomy) you aren’t threatening. You’re playing the game by THEIR rules and your intellect and perspectives are under control and can be manipulated.

To have the life you want will require action on your part... and it is possible.

There is a way to keep your dignity AND have an impactful career with rewarding human relationships.

The key is to take back control of your life - take action - and truly blaze your own trail that includes a fulfilling career and deeply connected relationships.

Right now you’re nodding… “I know I know. I need to take responsibility and action for my life - but I lack motivation.”

We call this challenge...

"The Perpetual Preparation Problem"
Both INTJs and INTPs have a challenge with endless preparation.

The story they keep telling themselves is, “I’m not ready. I need more time!”

You know - watch one more instructional video. Read one more article. Gather just a little bit more data before making a decision or getting into action.

AND - the two types do this for slightly different reasons. INTJs and INTPs are both using “perpetual preparation” as an avoidance strategy - but what are you avoiding?

The answer is found in the core fear driving each INTx type:

INTJs fear wasting energy on useless projects.

INTPs fear acting before they have full clarity.

Let’s break each of these down separately.

How INTJs Can Conquer the “Perpetual Preparation Problem”
As an INTJ - you guard your energy like a mother bear protecting her cubs. You hate (and we can’t stress this enough) HATE wasting energy. Simply the idea of burning energy on pointless projects or people makes your skin crawl.

And because of this you value certainty BEFORE action.

You are the type of person to “measure twice and cut once.”

Nothing sounds more hellish than to have to redo work you’ve already done...

Except maybe doing work that doesn’t actually matter in the first place.

Your mindset: “If I can research and plan thoroughly - then I can be CERTAIN my actions will matter and my outcomes are guaranteed.”

So you read another book. Then another article. Then you sit and think a little more. Then you study deeply how other people have achieved this goal.

But while you’re sitting in your reading chair the clock keeps ticking and you haven’t jumped into action yet.

Your hope is that by gathering more information you will somehow be certain of your outcomes.

Your fear is wasting energy. You hope certainty will give you the motivation you desire.

Unfortunately, while planning is one of your core competencies, prescience can’t give you true certainty. Nothing in life can give you true certainty.

This hearkens back to the famous Kierkegaard quote, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

The real solution is to get into action. You will gain motivation and certainty by taking ACTION.

It’s like working out. If you waited to get into shape AFTER you felt energy - you may never get your ass to the gym. Going to the gym gives you energy.

This is the same with projects and motivation. Even if you waste a little energy in the beginning - you are ultimately training your mind. After practice - it becomes easier. If you go to the gym often - your body will begin to crave the energy it gives you.

The wisdom that comes from experience (ie. getting into action and gathering unexpected knowledge) is better than certainty. Experience is the antidote to a colorless existence.

How INTPs Can Conquer the “Perpetual Preparation Problem”
You as an INTP have a secret: you care about your reputation.

Not your “reputation” in the usual sense of the word. You don’t care what people think about you - but you do care how people think about how you think.

You want others to see you as you are: you're a competent thinker with elegant logic.

Before you act you need to know that you won’t feel stupid or foolish.

The best way to prevent making a dumb mistake? Become an expert. You ensure you’ve gathered enough data and information to showcase your intelligence and competence.

Plus, you're addicted to learning. It’s hard to say “enough” to something that has intrinsic reward.

Your motivation is fueled by CLARITY. Clarity gives you the confidence that a task or project will be done well. It’s the part of you that knows the right course of action.

As an INTP - you may have experienced the motivational power of clarity. It’s like getting a runner’s high. You no longer have to push, you’re being pulled by its magic.

And, as a side benefit, your reputation is preserved and others will admire the level of expertise you bring to the project.

Here’s the thing: Clarity comes from action.

This goes back to the DIKW model - Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom.

Clarity produces a sense of knowing for you, because it’s the product of knowledge. Knowledge is a different creature from data and information. It’s can’t be culled from a book. It’s the result of experience.

Clarity is calibration and refinement. It’s a series of test/iterate, with knowledge and wisdom waiting for you at the end.

You can sit and read to prepare or you can get into action and begin to get rapid clarity as you move. Much like INTJs - you need to start training your mind to have a bias for action.

To help INTPs and INTJs get into action we've designed a program just for you...

Personality Hacker Presents:
"INTx Unleashed"
Discover How INTJs & INTPs Can Have Deep Relationships and a Purposeful Career by Navigating Small Talk, Emotional Vampires, Social Games, Office Politics & Other Barriers Blocking Your Success.
In this in-depth, 15-hour program, we introduce you the “INTX Council” — six top-performing INTJ and INTP men and women who reveal how to thrive in your personal relationships and career.

We’ve paired their insights with simple action steps to get you started. We’ve refined these practicals over the past seven years….after coaching INTPs and INTJs like you...from a 27-year-woman diving back into dating scene after her painful breakup to the CEO of a $1.2 billion tech company.

This program was exactly what I hoped for. It was great hearing mature INTJs share their struggles and solutions. And it gave me a new boost of energy and determination to continue down my path of personal development. The INTP sections were useful and even relevant for INTJs.” - INTP   
"I could write a book on why I love INTx Unleashed, but simply put: it brought awareness and language around certain challenges in my life...so now I can create a plan of action for myself. Listening to this program helped me to recognize my strengths — and embrace my "weirdness" as a gift I bring to this world."  - INTJ                       

"INTx Unleashed gave me a deeper understanding of my INTP type, particularly regarding their use of the exploration (Ne) function." - INTP                       

"I love this program. I got it to better understand my personality type, as an INTJ female, and the types of beloved ones, INTPs. I got his program because I was trying to connect my intelligent brain and thought patterns with my female identity — those two often seem disconnected. For men, my personality often seems to be frightening or unattractive — and my INTP-sister experiences the same." - INTJ                       
“Clarifying my own wiring; helping me understanding my son (INTP); looking for insight from like-minded people on how they handled life challenges (isolation, exploration, social interaction) — that’s what I got out of this program.”
- INTJ with INTP son
Unleash Your INTP or INTJ Potential
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      Inside This 15-hour Program You’re Going to Learn:
      The Small Talk Toolkit: 5 time-tested techniques on how to engage in “small talk” without being awkward.

      The one secret “self-help” books can’t teach you: How to tap into your motivation and finally override the voice in the your head that whispers ”I’m still not ready yet.”

      How to avoid 3 professional mistakes INTJs and INTPs make in their career, relegating them to “Professional Purgatory” — where you’re a cog in the machine, staring at a grey cubicle wall, BORED and powerless.

      Tips for resolving your “existential” crises before they rob you of your drive and drain color from your life.

      Going through this program is like upgrading your brain with the latest “confidence” software. Imposter syndrome, existential crisis, analysis paralysis, self-doubt, fear of success will become a thing of the past.

      How to protect your emotions from “vampires,” “terrorists,” and “con artists” who hijack your energy, leaving you jaded and cynical about people.
      Three things you MUST do when walking into a romantic date. (Most INTPs and INTJs NEVER got this memo.)
      A 5-word phrase you can say in a conversation or meeting to test whether your ideas are clear — to gauge the impact of your words.
      Learn how to be respected for your analysis and perspective without being labeled as a cold, detached “robot.”
      The Golden Advice Technique: Follow this 5-step formula and your coworkers and friends will not only listen your advice, they’ll FOLLOW it.

      How to impress your boss without having to stoop down to ass-kissing, shoe-shining tactics that insult your intelligence.
       How to keep your control when dealing with manipulators who turn their emotions into your problem.  

      How to rid yourself of your “inner demons” — imposter syndrome, existential crisis, analysis paralysis, self-doubt, fear of success, etc — seducing you into the lie that living a mediocre life is good enough.

      Learn how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

      Conquer that “choked up” feeling you get in pit of your stomach when you need to be “on” for a presentation. Use this a simple “hack” to INSTANTLY calm your jittery energy and feel confident — right on the spot.

      The RIGHT way to respond when a coworker whines about a problem. (Handle this delicate conversation wrong and she’ll label you as a “cold-hearted bastard”... possibly forever.)  

      Five steps you can take to improve your emotional intelligence overnight. These strategies will help you win friends and influence people. (The best part is you don’t have to pretend to be a “feeler” or an “extravert.”)

      Develop a quiet confidence that empowers you to walk through your world with purpose and direction while maintaining your compassion.    

      A technique for making new friends without faking an interest in shallow conversations. (Don’t be surprised if you kick yourself for not doing this sooner.)

      The Butt Sniffing Technique: Learn how spark an authentic connection with people by re-framing your relationship to “small talk.”

      The one misstep INTPs make when trying to connect...that actually repels people twice as fast.

      Why your early INTP and INTJ imprints can actually prevent you from having success…and what you must do to overcome your bad programming and start living the life you were born to live.

      How to eliminate your passive tendencies. If you blend into the background like wallpaper or have social anxiety, you might be struggling with a DEEPER issue. We have a powerful exercise to exterminate your fear.

      How to stop playing mental “games” with yourself that keep you from asserting what you want. No more kicking yourself for being trapped in analysis paralysis.

      The built-in psychological flaw that prevents INTPs and INTJs from becoming vulnerable to others — this one will kill your social life forever — unless you recognize it and eliminate it.

      The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears holding you back. Wipe your slate clean of this internal bullshit and reprogram yourself with quiet confidence.

      The #1 deadly mistake INTJs make that causes them fail with compatible romantic partners. If you’re not getting results in life and love, it’s probably because you’re making this hard to spot but easy to fix mistake.

      "The INTx Unleashed program is amazing. It provides an in-depth insight into how INTx types, through a journey of personal growth, operate at their best. The interviewed INTxs are true exemplars, who fearlessly share their experiences. For instance, who would have guessed that mindfulness is an important key to fulfillment for INTXs. It also caught my attention that there actually are two sub-types of INTJ, which helped me relate even further to my type. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for inspiration on how to grow to their personal and professional best, or simply wants to gain new insight into the INTx types"  - INTJ
      This course includes lifetime access to:

      INTx Council: 15+ hours of “off-the-record” interviews with six top-performing INTJ/INTP men and women. All your interviews are downloadable and in an audio format so you can listen to them while you workout or commute.

      Practical Programming: 3+ hours of tactical training videos on emotional intelligence, motivation and social intelligence (e.g. small talk, vulnerability, body language, giving advice, clarity, initiative, and office politics). 

      Post Game Analysis: our takeaways from each INTx interview including mental frameworks, examples, applied material, and study questions that you can seamlessly integrate into your life TODAY.

      INTx Worksheets: practical, step-by-step action steps to help you apply the lessons you’re learning.

      How to Ignite the Motivation You Crave to Create
      Deep Relationships and a Purposeful Career
      INTx Council Member #1: Patrycia Slawuta, PhD
      Social Psychologist (INTP) — “Do Epic Shit“

      Patrycja Slawuta (INTP) is a social psychologist and entrepreneur with a PhD in Psychology. Today, she works with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant. Her life mantra is “Do Epic Shit.”

      “I enjoyed Patrycia’s interview. It’s nice to hear stories from a successful INTP woman.” - INTP

      “Great interview! I love how comfortable she is in exploring dark things.” - INTP
      Inside this 1-hour interview, you’re going to learn:

      - How to get anyone to fall in love with you (0:52:00)

      - What the artist Vincent Van Gogh can teach us about resolving your existential crisis before it robs you of your drive (0:07:50)

      - How to tap into the most sexual parts of who you are (0:28:20)

      - A visual cue for finding like-minded people at a party or networking event (0:20:50)

      - Two tips for getting stuff done and keep your momentum...even when your motivation battery is low  (0:05:30)

      - A simple technique to help you stay present and get out of your own head when connecting with new people (0:15:45)

      - Tips for how INTP women can showcase their femininity...without getting your nails done (0:28:20)

      - Why you should explore your inner darkness and parts of your identity that are labeled “taboo”  (0:34:30)

      - How INTPs can use Extraverted Intuition (“Exploration”) to create authentic connections with people (0:32:30)

      - How to understand people’s emotions...so you don’t have to guess anymore (0:50:25)
      INTx Council Member #2: Kathryn Lively, PhD
      Tenured professor at Dartmouth University (INTJ)
      “Finding my femininity has been a lifelong struggle.”

      Kathryn Lively is an INTJ and tenured professor in the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth University. Finding her femininity had been a lifelong struggle. Unsure of her place and her worth, Kathryn found armor in the form of her career. 

      “Kathryn's interview sparked immediate change in my life. She helped me to realize that I am not my role, and that my role is simply a strategy for getting my needs and desires met (genius!). I've never felt such alignment between my goals and values/desires, and I feel like I'm finally on the right track in life. Thank you so much for INTx!” - INTJ
      Inside this 1 hour interview, you’re going to learn:

      - How an INTJ women can explore her femininity without getting a “makeover” (0:07:35)

      - A quick self-care tip to help you feel centered and happy (0:47:20)

      - How to overcome any judgement you have towards men for putting you in a box (0:06:55)

      - Two tips for showing your feminine side while still being authentic to yourself (0:07:51)

      - Practical tips on how to date men as an INTx woman without settling for a “loser” guy who invalidates your mind and perspective (0:24:00)

      INTx Council Member #3: Christian Ramos
      Charisma Coach (INTP)
      “Humor is key for correcting people’s bad thinking.”

      Christian Ramos is an INTP is a charisma coach.   You read that right – an INTP that teaches charisma. After years of isolation, putting his foot in his mouth and destroying relationships, the pain of loneliness eclipsed the fear of rejection.By using his native systems thinking to deconstruct ‘socializing’, he took natural strengths and applied them to skills not normally in the INTP wheelhouse.

      “My favorite interview was the one with Christian Ramos. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He tells it like it is. And I appreciate that.” - INTP

      “It was fascinating to listen to Christian because he’s an INTP who’s becoming a master of social interaction.” - INTP
      Inside this 75 minute interview, you’re going to learn:

      - How to go from having ZERO friends — or nobody to chill with on a Friday night — to curating your own tribe of like-minded friends who appreciate your mind and sense of humor (0:11:30)

      - How to steer awkward conversations into fun, connective experiences so you can create intimacy (0:41:30)

      - How to STOP being socially awkward (0:12:45)

      - How to avoid “killing the vibe” so your friends, coworkers and family don't label you as a “robot”...or a grouchy, old bastard  (0:11:30)

      - How to call bullshit on sloppy logic without offending people or pissing them off (0:21:32)

      - How to read people's emotions like a textbook, so you don’t get emotionally manipulated (1:08:45)

      - How to motivate yourself to get stuff done...even if you’ve got a lazy streak (0:53:00)

      - How to spark a deep connection with people without getting trapped in boring “small talk” (0:27:30)

      INTx Council Member #4: Brent Brewer
      Tech Entrepreneur (INTJ)
      “Love people, manage systems.”

      Brent Brewer (INTJ) is the founder and CEO of a consulting firm in New Brunswick, Canada. A key to his success came from the wise words of a friend: "love people, manage systems."

      “I really liked listening to Brent (the Canadian guy) given he's an INTJ and how he articulated things that I have always felt.” - INTJ

      “Brent's interview was good because it challenges us to employ our perceiving functions to rule out philosophies that aren't possible in today's world due to how systems have been set up in our current society.” - INTJ
      Inside this 90 minute interview, you’re going to learn:

      - The Marxist Experiment: What a crazy communist experiment in Cuba taught me about life   (0:25:35)

      - The most powerful thing INTJs can do today double your odds of success in your career and personal relationships (0:43:10)

      - How to confront your fears of being controlled and stuck in a system you didn’t design  (0:35:43)

      - An easy test to discern the soundness of any philosophy...and discover whether it has holes in it  (0:33:21)

      - Tips on how to be an effective leader even if you’re dealing with emotional and irrational people (1:25:55)

      - How to accomplish your goals and overcome your insecurities, fears, doubts and procrastination (0:43:10)

      INTx Council Member #5: A.J. Drenth
      Founder of PersonalityJunkie.com (INTP)
      “I found my energy in other people’s feedback.“

      A.J. Drenth (INTP) is founder of PersonalityJunkie.com. After years of wallowing in an existential crisis, A.J. gave himself permission to lean into his gifts. Today, he’s an expert on type theory.

      “I loved A.J.’s interview. He has a keen understanding of the INTP personality type. He gets my type on a granular level, and I love how specific he was on my type.” - INTP

      “I have been a fan of Aj's work for about 3 years, so when I heard that he was doing an interview for the INTx program, I just had to get it.” - INTP
      Inside this 45-minute interview, you’re going to learn:
      - How to stay optimistic about your life during an existential crisis (0:21:55)

      - A technique INTPs can use to stay motivated (0:26:35)

      - 5 “Small Talk” Techniques for intuitive introverts so you don’t die of boredom (0:46:10)

      - How to deal with big crowds/group dynamics (0:47:15)

      - How to transition people from shallow small talk to deep, intuitive-friendly conversations (even if they’re a sensor) (0:46:43)

      - A tip for becoming a deeply likable person that people trust and want to talk to (0:45:17)

      - How INTPs can find like-minded friends (or or your future spouse) who appreciate your analytical mind and perspective (0:56:10)

      - Discover the #1 lesson A.J. has learned about becoming a top-performing INTP

      - Strategies for how to have a deep, authentic relationships with your partner (1:02:00)
      INTx Council Member #6: Tom de Kok
      Personal Growth Guru (INTJ)
      “You can’t plan connection, it’s just something that happens.”

      Tom de Kok is an INTJ and personal development celebrity in his native country. He’s hosted more than 800 workshops on the subject of identity and the nature of reality. And no wonder. Experiencing deep pain upon learning at the age of 4 that he was adopted, Tom decided he would never let anyone in again. It wasn’t until years later he would begin his journey of self-discovery, ultimately achieving ego transcendence.

      “Without question, Tom was my favorite. That interview was profound to me. His thoughts were fascinating” - INTJ

      “Definitely Tom's. I loved his interview. The thing I didn't realize before listening through INTx was how much stake I was putting in people accepting me...or in wishing that I was more accepted. It was really crippling my worldview which, in turn, was making stretching all the more daunting. The idea that you should only surround yourself with people that are radically into you and if they aren't you should accept it for what it is and let them go is an amazingly powerful idea to me. Also - I mean - he is ridiculously direct and doesn't hold back on telling it how he sees it. What's not to love?” - INTJ
      Inside this 45-minute interview, you’re going to learn:

      - Tom reveals the two INTJ archetypes — and the differences in their attitudes towards science and people (0:17:25)

      - How to control your emotions so they don’t control you (0:11:15)

      - Discover the first thing you should do when your body is flooded with emotion (14:30)

      - One of the #1 reasons INTx shut down emotionally (0:11:15)

      - A counter-intuitive reason for solving challenges from your daily life...like getting your finances in order (0:37:35)

      - The why of an INTJ’s desire for control (0:21:35)

      - The #1 secret to making friends as an INTJ (1:04:30) 
      From listening to these interviews you will learn...
      Steps to Cultivating Authentic Relationships and a Meaningful Career — While Navigating Small Talk, Emotional Vampires and Social Rules.
      “Going through INTx gave me the chance to listen and learn from top performers with my personality type. Rather than read a book, I was able to quickly glean insights from listening to stories of the “INTx Council.”  - INTJ

      “Listening to other INTJs helped me recognize and verbalize what I’ve been feeling for years. In particular, Antonia Dodge commented on how it's common for INTJs to cycle through several differents 'isms/paradigms/schools of thought' to understand the meaning of life. As I’ve been learning more about myself, my restlessness about life has started to fade.” - INTJ

      “Christian's interview re-enforced the lifestyle, mindset and results of the kind of INTP I’d want to be. Honestly, Tom's take on letting the world be how it is while loosening my grip on life blew me away. I've heard a similar thing taught before, but Tom explained it in an obvious and attractive way.” - INTP

      “This program helped me develop my second function (e.g. extraverted thinking or Te). It also helped me deal with the incessant thinking that from having an introverted intuition driver.” - INTJ
      But INTx Unleashed isn’t for Everyone.
      This Program is NOT Right for You if...
      You’re expecting INTx Unleashed to be a “magic pill.”

      You’re not willing to take responsibility for your actions. This course isn’t going to throw on a cape and swoop down to save the day.

      You’re just looking for more data. Information is important, but if you aren’t ready to transform your habits and mindset, this course will be a waste of time. Save your money.

      You’re making six-figures at a job you love, and you can honestly say you’re getting the most out of your personal and professional relationships, then you probably don’t need this course.
      This Program Is For You If…
      You’re ready to take ACTION — This course is about taking action. If you’re ready to work, you’re in the right place.  

      You’re stuck in “Professional Purgatory” — and you’re ready to go from being a cog in the machine to making an impact in the world.

      You’re a creator — This course is a great fit for you if you’re ready to create the life you want — and all you need are tools, motivation, direction and knowledge to make it happen.
      You’re tired of living in fear — If you’re ready to face your lack of courage, motivation or clarity, buckle up. This course is going to rock your world.

      You’re sick of waiting — Time is ticking. If you want see changes NOW, this course is for you.
      I’m Ready to Get "INTx Unleashed," But I Have a Few Questions:
      1. “Why did you pair INTJs and INTPs in the same program? Why not separate them?
      INTJs and INTPs have different mental wiring, but they share similar social challenges and emotional struggles. Both types also deal with “Perpetual Preparation Syndrome,” an aversion to small talk and office politics. Plus, they frequently find themselves dealing with existential crises much sooner than their peers.
      We paired INTJs and INTPs together so both types would get the benefit of mentors, exercises and re-frames that are equally applicable.

      “Should I listen to the interviews from people of the other type?”

      Absolutely! Great rewards come from having two types of mentors: 1) Those sharing your personality type because it illustrates that other people just like you have triumphed the challenges you face. 2) Those with a slightly different personality type who are experiencing the same challenges as you... may reveal strategies your native thinking may not have considered.

      “How much time do I need to invest into learning and applying this material?”

      The program itself is 15+ hours of content including interviews, highlights from interviews, sessions targeted on specific challenges and worksheets.

      Robert Anton Wilson once said that the best models valuable even with a cursory understanding and yet they’re infinitely expandable.

      You can glean value from this program with a passive, surface-level once-through. But this information can also be a game-changer in your life. It is ‘infinitely expandable’, and the greatest benefit will come in implementing these strategies and frameworks into your daily life.

      “How is this different from the other stuff I have found online?” 

      There is nothing like “INTx Unleashed” anywhere. We created the program in response to over 600 INTJs and INTPs telling us their struggles, pain points and vulnerabilities in a survey.

      After the first release of this program we interviewed early adopters to get their feedback on how to improve the program. And we’re not done yet — we’ll continue to improve the program to ensure it’s the highest quality possible. (And, of course, you will automatically have access to these updates as we roll them out.)

      This is a program that is not only designed for INTJs and INTPs; it’s been hand-crafted with your feedback.

      How to Cultivate the Confidence You Need to Have Authentic Relationships and a Meaningful Career — While Navigating Small Talk, Emotional Vampires and Social Rules.
      This course includes lifetime access to:

      INTx Council:
      15+ hours of “off-the-record” interviews with six top-performing INTJs and INTPs. All you interviews are fully downloadable in an audio format so you can listen to them while you workout or commute.

      Practical Programming:
      3+ hours of tactical training videos on emotional intelligence, motivation and social intelligence (e.g. small talk, vulnerability, body language, giving advice, clarity, initiative, and office politics). 

      Post Game Analysis:
      our takeaways from each INTx interview including mental frameworks, examples, applied material, and study questions that you can seamlessly integrate into your life TODAY.

      INTx Worksheets:
      practical, step-by-step action steps to help you apply the lessons you’re learning.

      Unleash Your INTP or INTJ Potential
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        Payment plan
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          An Ironclad Guarantee: Try "INTx Unleashed"
          For A Full 30-Days, 100% RISK-FREE!
          We know this program will guide you to deep relationships and a purposeful career.

          And because we’re so convinced of this, try “INTx Unleashed” for a full 30-days.

          If you don’t like it for any reason, email us at info@personalityhacker.com. Write “My refund, please!” in the subject line...

          We’ll give you ALL of your money back. No questions asked. No hassles. No strings attached. Every dime.  

          We feel confident giving you this guarantee because we respect you. And we trust you.

          “Investing in INTx was helpful because the interviewees revealed their personal and career roadmaps — so I could tailor them to mine.” - INTP

          “Through this program, I gleaned deeper insights into the thought patterns of INTJs and INTPs, especially INTx women.” - INTJ

           “INTx Unleashed provided me with a good cross section view of how individual INTPs have learned to develop their cognitive functions.” - INTP   
          What Are You Going to Do?
          When NASA sends a spaceship to the moon, they must make certain that the trajectory and flight path is highly calibrated to reach the destination. One degree off and they miss the moon by 4,169 miles.

          You may feel like you’re on a decent path in life. But when it comes to happiness and success, each ‘degree’ off of your mindsets, beliefs and programming can be the difference between reaching your goals or drifting into cold, dark space. Why does it feel like you’re doing all the right things but getting the wrong results?

          Your mind’s calibration.

          It’s time to get on the right trajectory of your life.

          Why are you surrendering to an average existence? What happened that caused you to drift from your path?

          You already know the truth...

               There’s no “group of executives” in a back room smoking cigars planning your career for you.

               There’s no “social situation superhero” that’s going to swoop in during your next awkward conversation and save you from small talk.

               There’s no “fat baby cherub” aiming an arrow at your desired romantic partner that will ignite them with a burning passion for you.

               Gandalf isn’t showing up at your hobbit-hole tomorrow to hand you your next adventure and life purpose.

               You already know that none of these heroes are coming to rescue you or give you direction.

          So why pretend they are?

          Truth: there’s no certainty in this life. You’ve already let go of certainty.

          Now it’s time to replace certainty with FAITH.

          Not the religious “harp-playing on a cloud” kind of faith.

          We’re talking about faith in yourself. Faith in your mind. Faith in your ability to learn and grow. Faith in your deep inner truth.

          By investing in “INTx Unleashed” today...

               YOU will create a purposeful career that makes you crave Monday mornings instead of dreading them.

              YOU will learn how to navigate small talk and challenging social situations instead of avoiding them.

               YOU will have the mental armor and strategies to deal with emotional vampires - emotional terrorists - and emotional con-artists instead of allowing them to wreak havoc in your life.

               YOU will glide through the treacherous landscape of office politics and be in control of interactions with coworkers and supervisors.

               YOU will develop inner and outer traits that will attract the romantic partner who can passionately share this life with you instead of giving up on love.

               YOU will ignite the motivation you need to reach for what you want in life instead of drifting aimlessly or waiting for the “mood to strike.”

               YOU won’t need Gandalf to give you a mission because you will create your own purpose and adventure.

          We can’t give you faith in yourself. But we can provide the tools and narratives that can help you precisely calibrate your mindset and actions toward the life you’ve dreamed of but let go of reaching for.

          Most people don’t understand your mind. Give yourself permission to be respected for your analysis and perspective without being labeled as a cold, detached “robot.”

          Stop waiting for the outer world to change. Change yourself. Get up right now and take action.

          Invest in “INTx Unleashed.” 

          The important thing is to do something. Anything that can start you on the journey toward your goals. Focus on calibrating and keep moving forward.

          Have a deep abiding faith in yourself. You’ve got the mind and insights to steer your life to align with your inner vision for what you want.

          Don’t think of INTx Unleashed as a one-solution pill that solves all your problems. It’s more like a tool that helps you calibrate your life’s “flight path.”

          INTx Unleashed gives you the relief of knowing you are on the right path.

          Don’t settle. Ever.

          We can’t wait to see you inside of the program and hear how it changes your life.

          It would be awesome if you are featured as a success story in the next version of “INTx Unleashed.”

          Join "INTx Unleashed"
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              Much love,
              Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
              Founders | Personality Hacker


              P.S. — INTx Unleashed is a 15+ hour program that will guide you to DEEP relationships and a purposeful career. You’re going to learn how to be respected for your analysis and perspective without being labeled as a cold, detached “robot.”

              P.S.S. — Do us a favor! After you’ve gone through the program, email us your success story. Send it to “info@personalityhacker.com.” Make “INTx Success Story” your subject line. We can’t wait to hear about how your life has been impacted. Who knows... we might even feature you as a case study. If you’re ready to become a success story, click here. 
              “This course gave me confirmation that I'm on a good path in my personality development. Trying to find 'next level' tips and tricks from INTJs that are much further matured.”  - INTJ

              “I got this program, so I could develop my emotional expression, awareness & human connection.” - INTP

              “ This program helped me find clarity and INTP mentors.” - INTP

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