Your Personality Type is...
The Mastermind (INTJ)
You're in good company! Do you know these famous INTJs?
Carl Jung
Psychiatrist, Psychologist
Elon Musk
Tech Billionaire 
Nikola Tesla
Inventor, Engineer, Physicist
  •  Strategic vision, long-term planning
  •  Understanding complex ideas
  •  A futurist, while keeping practical
  •  Getting out of your head, into action
  •  Can be crippled by perfectionism
  •  Hard to accept when your ideas don't work out
Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge 
Hosts, Personality Hacker
Congratulations! You're an INTJ!
As an INTJ, your mind is fundamentally wired differently from other personality types.

Of all types, INTJs are the most insightful. 
At their best they are extraordinary problem solvers, foreseeing (and eliminating) potential pitfalls that others are blind to. 

This type is often highly rigorous with themselves before they will deem themselves as competent. They have high standards, and when mobilized and active are a force to be reckoned with.
But being an INTJ isn't easy...
"The Secret Struggles of The Mastermind Personality (INTJ)"
Do you feel like no one is “on your level”? 

This is very common for INTJs. 

You probably already realize this isn't because you're “smarter” than everyone (though at times it sure feels like it!). It's because nobody else dedicates as much time to refining their ideas as you do. 

So when you discuss an idea with someone else, their thinking seems shallow. Why? Because it is shallow!

They haven't spent nearly as much time as you thinking about it.

This leaves many INTJs feeling isolated, lonely, and misunderstood...

...even by their closest friends and/or loved ones.

INTJs face other challenges too:

You can be an excellent procrastinator and convince yourself that making a plan is the same thing as executing a plan.

Failure can be hard to accept because if you were so darn smart, how could possibly have made a mistake or miscalculation?

And, if you've been hurt in the past, unresolved emotional conflicts can eat away at you from the inside and rob you of productivity.

At Personality Hacker, we've worked with hundreds of INTJs who have faced and overcome these challenges and others.

And today, on this page, we're going to help you do the same.
"How INTJs Win Big (or Lose Big) in Business, Romance, and LIFE" 
The first step to hacking your personality to achieve massive growth and success in all areas of your life is understanding it.

Let's start with your four letters. What do they mean?
Your personality also has four cognitive functions.

The easiest way to explain these is with "The Car Model".

Let’s pretend your mind is a four passenger vehicle. These four ‘passengers' represent four distinct mental processes which influence you the most. Here is how they're arranged:
"Inside the Mind of the INTJ: Your Four Cognitive Functions"
"Three Things You Can Do Today to Reach Your Next Level"
First, starting today, you need to dedicate careful time and attention to developing your co-pilot process. 

This is the #1 thing you can do grow right now.

Without a strong co-pilot, you're going to stay stuck in the same place with the same old challenges.

Second, you need to become aware of when your 10 Year Old is hi-jacking your personality and steering away from where you actually want to go.

Developing strategies for dealing with this, and getting yourself back on track is essential to success.

Third, your 3 Year Old needs attention too. You need to be able to give your 3 Year Old process what it needs to keep you safe, healthy, and on the right track.

If you don't do this, your 3 Year Old is going to find ways to cause a lot of problems for you and your car.

Now I've got some good news and bad news.

The good news is that you're going to naturally learn how to do all three of these things over your lifetime.

The bad news is that this can take years and years of pain and frustration before you make any progress.

Fortunately at Personality Hacker, we have a shortcut.

We've assisted hundreds of INTJs develop to their best possible selves and want to help you do the same.

To do this, we created a specific, highly detailed home training kit that we want to show you today:
"Introducing... The Ultimate Personality Hack for INTJs"
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Full INTJ Personality Profile

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What Your INTJ Starter Kit Training Will Do For You:

Stop inner emotional turmoil from wrecking your productivity and happiness

Discover how your personality sabotages your romantic relationships and makes it impossible to find a romantic partner

How to put your brilliant ideas into action and watch the world finally appreciate your complex thinking and strategic mind

Rapidly develop your co-pilot process and watch yourself crush goals every day

Become the leader others want to follow by developing natural leadership skills

How to avoid the top 3 energy drains for type and how to manage stress

Discover your business "power partner" who complements your strengths & weaknesses and can drive each other toward career and financial success

Shine a bright light on your blind-spot and stop it from tripping you up!

Yes - you are different! Finally be able to explain to others how your mind works

Do the single most important thing you can do for your personality type to advance your goals and achieve success

What's Included in Your Kit:
Full Personality Profile
  • Complete description of how your mind works including 20 minute exercises to help you grow and a stunningly accurate description of your blind spots.
INTJ Action Webinar 
  • This 30 minute type-specific training reveals the highest leverage points in your personality; the ultimate how-to guide on how to become your best possible self!
INTJ Business Training
  • This training covers how to leverage your strengths in your career, deal with common challenges for your type in business, and spot unique opportunities.
INTJ Relationship Training
  • This training explores how your type approaches dating, intimacy, and romance. You'll learn how to deal with common challenges your type faces in this area and learn about your "romantic blind-spots".
INTJ Advanced Training
  • This training is for hardcore personality hackers only! In this training, we dive deep into each cognitive function and provide you with specific actions for developing each one  that you can take right now.
"About Me" Guides 
  • Each of these guides is designed for you to give to others to explain... YOU. Includes: guide for your lover/spouse and guide for your co-workers or boss.
Car Model Presentation
  • A fun, 20 minute animated presentation that explains the car model in more detail and shows how the different parts of your personality work together (or sometimes against each other) every day.
Course Workbook
  • Access to printed outlines of all our programs. This will be your guide as you continue your personal development journey with Personality Hacker.
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BONUS: Transcending Type Webinar ($57 value)
  • There is a danger in studying your own personality which is that it's easy to get too invested in personality types.
  • This webinar guides you to the best and most healthy relationship you can have with your personality type by better understanding the system itself.

Get Instant Access To the INTJ Starter Kit:

Full INTJ Personality Profile

Includes Written and Audio Version

Advanced INTJ Video Training

Over 3.5 hours of INTJ-specific training including on business and relationships

BONUS: Transcending Type 

A bonus 2 hour webinar on the MBTI system on when NOT to use your type
Today's Price: $67
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