Your Personality Results:


  • Introvert
  • ​iNtuitive
  • ​Thinker
  • ​Judger

Most people don’t understand or appreciate your mind. 
Learn how to be respected for your analysis and perspective 
without being labeled as a cold, detached “robot.”

Dear INTJ,

Hi, it's Joel and Antonia from Personality Hacker.

We’ve been teaching personal growth and personality typology for almost a decade.

Each year we get hundreds of emails from INTJs - like you - who ask us for coaching on how to navigate a world that often feels baffling with its emotional minefields and social expectations.

After countless hours of coaching your type, we firmly believe that as an INTJ you have some AMAZING gifts the world doesn’t understand or appreciate.

What does INTJ stand for?

  • For you, the internal world is the 'real world'. The real world for Extraverted (E) types is the external world.

  • You focus on meaning and pattern recognition. Sensing (S) types focus on what they observe with their 5+ senses.

  • You make decisions using impersonal criteria like data and metrics. Feeler (F) types prioritize their feelings using personal criteria like human emotions and dynamics.
  • You prefer structure around you to free your mind and thoughts. Perceiving (P) types prefer freedom in the world around them and create structure internally.

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"INTJ Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
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  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTJ Personality Report
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As An INTJ - You Have Gifts That People Rarely See or Appreciate...

Here’s some of these gifts you bring to the world
(as written the words of people with your type)...

"Long term goals motivate me. Like, I might want to move somewhere, to another country. It's energizing making a mental list of the things I need to do to get to that. I love doing things that make a difference in the big picture. Working in the food industry (cook, serve, wash dishes, clean kitchen, do the same thing the next day) would not work for me. My actions have to have some kind of larger purpose or I feel direction-less."
 "Analyzing the facts, seeing the big picture, setting aside feelings to see things objectively." - INTJ
"Building systems in my head, implementing ideas into the real world. Looking at the big picture, understanding interrelations between multiple concepts. Explaining complicated relations in a way that makes a 3 year old understand the problem." - INTJ
"I'm great at processing information and finding a place for it in a system of ideas and facts. Because I see everything as connected, I'm able to find context in which to understand almost anything—if I'm given enough time. I've had people call me wise, even though I'm still pretty young. It's probably because I strive to see the big picture without losing sight of the small and to understand all sides of an issue." - INTJ
 "Take in information and intuitively understand multiple points of view. I'm good at seeing the big picture and figuring out what things are most important to focus on. I can sense who can be trusted with my delicate inner self." - INTJ
"My biggest strength is problem solving on a logistical side of things. Especially big picture, long term kind of stuff. I'm happiest and gain energy through that process of analyzing and coming up with solutions. The problem I face with that though is getting people on board with my plans." - INTJ

You’re Great at Analyzing Situations

My gift is logically analyzing and solving problems. I can absorb large amounts of information in many different fields.” - INTJ
I understand where things are going and instinctively follow the right path (9 times out of ten). Then, I analyze it — making scenarios, calculating possible outcomes, visualizing them, making diagrams (love my diagrams!), etc.
I usually inform other concerned parties but they just won't listen to me.” - INTJ
“At work, I'm really good at figuring out ways to report and analyze data. I mostly use Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Excel. Outside of work, I'm really good at my local bar's trivia night (I crush it when it comes to history, geography, and literature).” - INTJ
“Some of my strengths include listening skills, planning, seeing the big picture, interpreting/analyzing information or events, stepping back and seeing the "whole" of the matter, synthesizing new perspectives, and giving advice.” - INTJ
I can analyze the facts, see the big picture, set aside my feelings to see things objectively” - INTJ
I’m good at analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution ADAPT to virtually any situation (may not like it but can do it) RECALL facts and intricate details easily” - INTJ
“My strength: Planning and creating complex systems; quickly analyzing situations; problem solving; troubleshooting; research and development; summarizing and communicating information; making tough decisions without easily getting flooded by emotions.” - INTJ
“Understanding behavior of people - or at least why they may be acting in a certain way. I also excel in strategic planning, mostly planning day to day to help reach long term goals. Learning information and conceptualizing are also strengths.” - INTJ
“Decisive. Always planning ahead and getting annoyed if someone/something became a hinder. Strategic. Very strategic.” - INTJ
“My strengths are my organizational skills, planning ability, ability to focus and think through problems or projects, and ability to get things done.” - INTJ
“What is around the corner motivates me. There are subtle clues that I "feel" that change needs to happen. I then start to work on them to pinpoint the area (home, work,, hobbies, friends) which is the cause. Then a plan emerges and then it is either to grab an opportunity when it come along or just start executing. You have no idea how many times I've heard that I have made some radical change fast and without planning... no dear I've be working on this for months even years.” - INTJ
“I have intense focus if I need to figure something out (I've worked on my calculus for 10 hours straight and it wasn't tiring.)
I am great at planning and then implementing.” - INTJ
“Efficiency, long-range plans, organizing, analyzing, pattern recognition, logic, writing, giving directions, leadership, reading other's emotions/moods, PROBLEM SOLVING!” - INTJ

You’re an Amazing Planner

“Strategize rapidly, predict outcomes, switch from creative mode to planning mode back and forth as needed, see people's individual strengths.” - INTJ
I'm good at managing, strategizing as well as planning.” - INTJ

You See the “Bigger Picture”

  "Problem solving, big picture connections, explaining complicated things in simple terms, connecting to people on a human level." - INTJ
"Some of my strengths include listening skills, planning, seeing the big picture, interpreting/analyzing information or events, stepping back and seeing the "whole" of the matter, synthesizing new perspectives, and giving advice." - INTJ
"Problem solving, critical thinking, conducting research and analyzing data to draw a conclusion, writing, understanding situations from multiple perspectives, generating new ideas, focusing on areas of interest." - INTJ
    "Understanding the essence of something, concentrating it when possible and making it visible/clear in a way that furthers its natural end. Streamlining and bringing everything into accord with the truth or principle behind that something. Analyzing the big picture (not details) for trends, troubleshooting, working on a project with tangible fruits when I'm given freedom and enough authority to act, and sometimes being in an advisory role when the leader has too much public exposure -- provided I'm listened to and given due credit." - INTJ
  "I am usually able to tell you why someone acts the way they do I am not usually sure how or what I noticed to make me believe something about people but I am usually right. I am also usually good at seeing how things will turn out if we take a certain path and seeing the big picture." - INTJ
"I am good at problem solving and I easily understand the big picture. Because of this I am able to come up with successful ideas and strategies for change." - INTJ
"Problem solving, coming up with creative solutions that consider the big picture. Being calm, competent, and practical when everyone else is freaking out."
"Staying calm in charged situations; thinking (and planning) ahead; being understanding about where a person is based on what led them to this point; understanding a situation from a larger, zoomed out perspective." - INTJ
INTJs help humanity look to the future
As you already know, and reflected by the quotes above, your INTJ mind is fundamentally wired differently from other personality types.

INTJs are naturally insightful. 
At their best they are extraordinary problem solvers, foreseeing (and eliminating) potential pitfalls that others are blind to. 

This type is often highly rigorous with themselves before they will deem themselves as competent. They have high standards, and when mobilized and active are a force to be reckoned with.
But being an INTJ can be challenging. Here's why...
"The Unacknowledged Struggles of Being An INTJ Personality Type"

INTJ Challenge #1:

You're Feel Like an “Open Book”
But People Call You a Dull, Lifeless “Robot”

People get the wrong message from you all the time. Besides interruptions to your focused workflow (which is truly annoying) you actually WANT to connect with other humans. And despite your best efforts to be open, you hear that you are “bitchy” - “cold” - “distant” and a “robot.” Your attempts at being friendly and helpful repel people instead of draw them in. And it’s confusing.
     “I really dislike surface level interactions, so I'm genuinely surprised when others are content with them. I prefer to form strong bonds with people. When having a conversation with another person, I'm eager to figure them out. The deeper the conversation the better, which is either unmatched or met with feelings of discomfort.” - INTJ
     “Just because I don't show them, people seem to think I don't have any feelings.” - INTJ

INTJ Challenge #2:

You Stand on the Sidelines Watching the Social Game - Hoping That Someone - Anyone - Will Invite You to Play...

...and once you’re invited, you get stressed out. Little things, like remembering people’s names, and how you’re supposed to greet them. How long will you have to deal with small talk? What if you don’t come across friendly and likeable? What if you have to pretend you’re interested in something inane? How do you NOT judge other people... and find yourself back to square one? If you feel this way, you’re not alone…
“I have a tendency to push others away and become a shut-in when I've been hurt, rejected, or don't feel like I belong. It takes a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone and go to an event alone because I fear rejection.” - INTJ
I’m awkward at regular social chit chat. I’m bad at responding to text messages/emails that don't require a response (but the person is expecting one). I don't know how to start a conversation with a person I don't know anything about.” - INTJ

“After a lot of socializing, I have to hide for a while. I haven't figured out this whole socializing thing, so I spend a fair amount of energy trying to understand what the expectations are in each type of relationship. I love people, and I don't want to hurt them, but I'm afraid that I will on accident, just because, as an introvert, I sometimes have to avoid them. I don't understand what people expect from me.” - INTJ

INTJ Challenge #3: 

Finding Like Minded People to Talk To

Every interaction feels like you’ve either been misunderstood or misinterpreted. You try to start interesting conversations, but it seems like no matter how hard you try people just aren’t listening. When you can actually have a good conversation there’s a sense of relief - you can actually open up and have fun! But they’re so infrequent, and you’re not sure where to find those like minded people. If you had three wishes and a genie, this might be the first thing you wish for.
"I have many acquaintances but very few friends. Most of my relationships are superficial. I like to get to know people very well and I ask them many questions about their lives, etc. If they don't reciprocate, I move on pretty quickly. Everything has to be genuine and very trusting. I share VERY little with people about myself." - INTJ
“My truly intimate friends -- those with whom I feel I can be fully myself -- are painfully too few in number. I'm too rare a bird for many people to fully understand or appreciate.” - INTJ
“I see so many people enjoying themselves, talking, and having a good time. It feels like I've spent 42 years looking out the window watching others have fun. I can’t help but feel like I'm missing out on so much.” - INTJ

Download Your
"INTJ Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTJ Personality Report
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  • 3 INTJ Type Overview Videos
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Do you feel like no one is “on your level”? 

Feeling Like No One Is "At Your Level" is very common for INTJs. 

You probably already realize this isn't because you're “smarter” than everyone (though at times it sure feels like it). It's because most people won't dedicate as much time to refining their ideas as you do. 

So when you discuss an idea with someone else, their thinking seems shallow. Why? Because at some point the other person may not be willing or able to follow you down the "rabbit hole" of thought.

Their talents lie in other areas.

They haven't spent nearly as much time as you thinking about it. It's not intrinsically rewarding to them to refine ideas.

This leaves many INTJs feeling isolated, lonely, and misunderstood...

...even by their closest friends or loved ones.

INTJs face other challenges too:

You can be an excellent procrastinator and convince yourself that making a plan is the same thing as executing a plan.

Failure can be hard to accept because if you were so darn smart, how could you have possibly have made a mistake or miscalculation?

And, if you've been hurt in the past, unresolved emotional conflicts can eat away at you from the inside and rob you of productivity.

At Personality Hacker, we've worked with thousands of INTJs who have faced and overcome these challenges and others.

And today, we want to help you do the same.
Let's dive even deeper into
your four letters... INTJ. 
What does it mean?
  • For you, the internal world is the 'real world'. The real world for Extraverted (E) types is the external world.

  • You focus on meaning and pattern recognition. Sensing (S) types focus on what they observe with their 5+ senses.

  • You make decisions using impersonal criteria like data and metrics. Feeler (F) types prioritize their feelings using personal criteria like human emotions and dynamics.
  • You prefer structure around you to free your mind and thoughts. Perceiving (P) types prefer freedom in the world around them and create structure internally.
Of course... You may already be familiar with the four letters above.

Most personality tests, articles, and websites spend a lot of time focused on the behaviors INTJs show the world.

When it comes to personality types this is just the tip of the iceberg .

Ready to go deeper - past your behaviors - to see HOW your mind is wired?

Let's look into the actual mental wiring of your INTJ mind.

The four letter code INTJ gives us a key into the cognitive functions your mind uses to learn information and make decisions.

The easiest way to explain these is with "The Car Model".

Let’s pretend your mind is a four passenger vehicle.

hese four ‘passengers' represent four distinct mental processes which influence you the most.

Here is how they're arranged:
In the front seat you have the Driver. This is the most developed function of your personality. You spend most of your time here naturally because it puts you into flow.

Next, there's the Co-Pilot. This is your second strongest function which supports your Driver and is very important for you to develop to achieve growth.

Behind this, there's the 10 Year Old. This function shows up with the maturity of a 10 Year old. While important, without working on it this can become your go-to Defensive Position.

Finally, there's the 3 Year Old. This is your least mature function. Its influence over you is unconscious and yet is often the source of your life's aspiration.
"Inside the Mind of the INTJ: Your Four Cognitive Functions"
Here's What Your Functions Look Like using the Car Model:
YOUR Driver is Introverted Intuition. 
(Nickname: "Perspectives")

This is how you perceive the world. While it does many things, it is a way of processing information in which you perspective-shift to understand a problem or situation from all possible angles.
YOUR Co-Pilot is Extraverted Thinking
(Nickname: "Effectiveness")

This is how you make your best decisions. You ask "what works?" and focus on clear, objective metrics by implementing plans in the outside world.
YOUR 10 Year Old is Introverted Feeling (Nickname: "Authenticity") 

This is the process that makes decisions using what feels right to you. When your feelings are hurt, this process may take over decisions.
YOUR 3 Year Old is Extraverted Sensing
(Nickname: "Sensation"). 

This process uses the 5+ senses to take in information and requires stimulation. As a "3 Year Old" this function often looks like sensory overindulgence.
An Owners Manual For 
Your INTJ Personality
Discover How INTJs Can Have Deep Relationships and a Purposeful Career by Navigating Small Talk, Emotional Vampires, Social Games, Office Politics & Other Barriers Blocking Your Success.
Deep dive into cognitive functions to discover how your mind is wired.
Gain powerful and applicable insights to craft a personal development path tailored to you.
Bring your optimized self as a true partner in your relationships and become self-determined in your career.

Download Your
"INTJ Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTJ Personality Report
Instant Access
  • Download INTJ Guide
  • 3 INTJ Type Overview Videos
  • 2 "About Me" Guides
"Three Things You Can Do Today to Reach Epic Levels Of Growth"
First, starting today, you need to dedicate careful time and attention to developing your co-pilot function of Extraverted Thinking ("Effectiveness"). 

This is the #1 thing you can do to grow right now.

Without a strong co-pilot, you're going to stay stuck in the same place with the same old challenges.

Second, you need to become aware of your 10 Year Old Introverted Feeling ("Authenticity") and how it hi-jacks your personality, steering you away from where you actually want to go.

Developing strategies for dealing with this, and getting yourself back on track is essential to success.

Third, your 3 Year Old Extraverted Sensing ("Sensation") needs attention too. Learn how to give your 3 Year Old function what it needs to keep you safe, healthy, and on the right track.

If you ignore your 3 Year Old it will find unhealthy ways to get your attention.

Now we've got some good news and bad news.

The good news is that some people naturally learn to do all three of these over a lifetime.

The bad news is that even for them this can take years and years of pain, frustration, and missed opportunities before they figure it out.

Fortunately at Personality Hacker, we have developed a shortcut.

We've assisted hundreds of INTJs in developing their personality. We want to work with you too.

Imagine becoming the best possible version of an INTJ.

We created a specific, highly detailed home study personality development owners manual that we want to show you today:

"INTJ Owners Manual"

The INTJ Owners Manual is a guided experience to help you understand your personality type and unlock your full potential.


INTJ Type Fundamentals

In this module we are going to start unpacking your INTJ personality in greater detail. Let's start with an overview of your type and then begin zooming in to identify four styles of INTJs. Next, you will learn about the dichotomies and dive deeper into your "Car Model" - a framework for understanding what is technically called your cognitive function stack. Finally, we end this module with a discussion about some of the specific challenges you face in the world as an INTJ.

In This Module:

  • INTJ Personality Type Overview: Learn about the traits, tendencies, and preferences of the INTJ personality type in this comprehensive video overview.
  • The 4 Styles of The INTJ Personality: Discover the four unique styles of the INTJ personality and gain insight into how they impact your life and relationships.
  • Understanding The 4 Letters INTJ: Explore the dichotomies that define the INTJ personality type and learn how they shape your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • The INTJ Car Model: Get a visual explanation of how the different parts of your personality work together (or sometimes against each other) with this fun, animated presentation on the INTJ Car Model.
  • INTJ Type Specific Challenges: Explore the common challenges that the INTJ personality type faces in life and learn how to overcome them.


Finding Flow With Your Personality

Finding and maintaining flow for your life can make or break your success in the world. When you are in flow you still face challenges, but your life is setup so it works WITH your natural personality and style, not against it. In this module we are going to define and explain flow, show you how to find flow with all four parts of your car model, and overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be in your way.

In This Module:

  • Using Personality To Find Flow: Discover how to use your personality type to find flow in your work, relationships, and everyday life.
  • Finding Flow As An INTJ: A detailed explanation of how to use all four cognitive functions to achieve flow and improve your life as an INTJ.
  • ​Overcoming INTJ Challenges to Flow: Learn how to overcome the challenges that can hold you back from finding flow as an INTJ and achieving your goals.


Navigating Personality Blind Spots: Loops & Grips

As you go about navigating your INTJ personal growth journey, some of the biggest challenges will come from what are called "loops" and "grips." In this module we are going to explain loops and grips, identify three styles of each, and give you a practical action plan to avoid or overcome these obstacles when they rear their ugly head.

In This Module:

  • Personality Loops & Grips Explained: Understand the loops and grips that can hold you back as an INTJ, and learn how to identify and overcome them.
  • 3 Styles of INTJ Loops: Discover the three types of loops that can impact the INTJ personality type and how to avoid getting stuck in them.
  • ​3 Styles of INTJ Grips: Explore the three types of grips that can impact the INTJ personality type and learn how to overcome them.


INTJ Fixations

We are going to focus on your INTJ personality fixation for creating and maintaining a sense of control in your life. Different personality types have different control fixations based on their cognitive functions. In this module we will show you an overview of control fixations for all personalities, the one that you use specifically as an INTJ, and action steps to overcome it.

In This Module:

  • INTJ Fixation Explained: Learn about the FIRM fixation of invulnerability and how it can affect the INTJ personality type.
  • FIRM Fixation: Invulnerability: Understand the FIRM fixation of invulnerability and how to address it as an INTJ.


INTJ Toolbox

In this module we outline specific "Tools Of Action" and steps you can begin taking in your life to grow yourself as an INTJ. Each of the tools in this toolbox is created from years of coaching and working with INTJs helping them find practical and actionable changes to grow and develop. Spend time understanding each tool and be sure to actually do the exercises. INTJs that we've coached have seen massive personal growth from implementing the techniques and strategies we suggest.

In This Module:

  • Tool - INTJ Finding Flow: Use this tool to help you get into flow quickly and consistently and improve your productivity and happiness.
  • Tool - INTJ Developing Your Co-Pilot: This tool is designed to help you develop the Co-Pilot (auxiliary) cognitive function in your personality.
  • ​Tool - Honoring Your 3-Year-Old: This tool is designed to help you honor your 3-Year-Old (inferior) cognitive function in your personality.
  • Tool - Crafting A Vision For Your Ideal Day: This tool is designed to help you create a vision for the ideal day-to-day experience of your life.

Keep Your INTJ Momentum Going 
With These 3 Advanced Bonuses

12-Week INTJ Life Path Journal

Apply your new understanding of how an INTJ is wired to every area of your life. 12-weeks of journal prompts take into account your cognitive functions and help you tailor a personal development strategy to yourself.

Value: $97

  •   FREE — Included with the INTJ Owners Manual

INTJ "About Me" Guides

Each of these guides is designed for you to give to others to explain you. Includes a  guide to give to your partner/spouse and guide for your co-workers or boss.

Value: $47

  •   FREE — Included with the INTJ Owners Manual

INTJ Side-By-Side Relationship Type Pairings

We detail how your type interacts in a relationship with all 16 of the Myers Briggs types. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We cover the challenges, rewards, and advice for improved compatibility.  

Value: $197

  •   FREE — Included with the INTJ Owners Manual

Transcending Type Training

Knowing your type is a powerful tool. The most powerful tools must be used responsibly. A hammer can help build a house or bludgeon someone to death. This bonus training guides you to the best and most healthy relationship you can have with your personality type, and reminds you to always use your understanding for building yourself up, never bludgeoning yourself (or others).

Value: $197

  •   FREE — Included with the INTJ Owners Manual

What You Will Learn In The "INTJ Owners Manual"
  • Learn how to effectively manage your emotions, without letting them derail your progress
  • Develop strategies to stay focused, motivated, and productive even in the face of emotional challenges
  • ​Uncover the unconscious patterns that are holding you back in your love life
  • ​Develop tools and techniques to build healthy, fulfilling relationships that meet your unique needs and preferences
  • ​Learn how to turn your ideas into tangible results, while staying true to your INTJ strengths and values
  • ​Gain recognition and respect for your strategic thinking skills, and become a go-to expert in your field
  • ​Develop strategies to manage stress and maintain your energy levels, while staying focused and productive in your daily life
  • ​Build a powerful, mutually beneficial partnership that helps you achieve greater career and financial success than you could on your own
  • ​Develop strategies to overcome these blind-spots and transform them into opportunities for growth and success
  • ​Develop the ability to communicate your complex ideas and thought processes to others, and help them understand and appreciate your unique perspective
  • Discover how to strengthen your Extraverted Thinking function, which is essential for achieving success in the real world.
  • ​Watch yourself become more decisive, efficient, and effective in all areas of your life, and achieve your goals with greater ease and confidence
  • ​Unleash your natural leadership potential and inspire others to follow your vision and ideas.
  • ​Develop a leadership style that aligns with your personality and values, and learn how to effectively communicate and motivate others
  • ​Learn how to identify the key sources of stress and energy drains for your personality type.
  • ​Identify the ideal business partner who can complement your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • ​Uncover the hidden blind-spots that may be sabotaging your success without you even realizing it
  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of your unique personality type and how it influences your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • ​Discover the most essential action you can take to unlock your full potential and achieve success on your own terms
  • ​Gain clarity and direction for your life, and take inspired action to achieve your goals with confidence and purpose.
Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Owners, Personality Hacker
Created By Two Personal Growth Teachers
Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
This Owners Manual is designed by two personal growth teachers who credit much of their own success to the techniques you're about to learn. They each bring their unique skills into this program.

As a teenager, Antonia Dodge began studying personality types to understand how people tick and learn how to connect and relate to others. The results changed her life and she was hooked. Years later, she's developed and co-developed over 10 personal growth programs, coaches others in how to understand their personality and find the right personal growth path tailored to them.

Joel Mark Witt is a digital media entrepreneur with over two decades of business experience. His life changed when he truly understood that his personality was wired to give back to the world in a big way. He immediately gave himself permission to be his authentic self - quit his day job - and helped build Personality Hacker into a growing movement.

In this Personality Development Owners Manual, Joel & Antonia show you the concrete structure and frameworks that power the mental wiring of your mind and the daily practices needed for personal growth.
A System Backed by Science and Research
Author, Former UCLA professor, and personality typology expert Dario Nardi, has been doing research on the neuroscience of personality. His work with EEG machines and brainwave scans have indicated that the once soft science of personality typology can actually be measured in brainwave activity.

Let's get started on YOUR personal development journey by "hacking" your INTJ personality type.

Option #1: Download Your
"INTJ Personality Report"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​Discover the facets that make up your type
  • ​Tap into your talents and blind spots
  • ​Understand how your type plays out in work and life
INTJ Personality Report
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  • 3 INTJ Type Overview Videos
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Option #2: Full Access
"INTJ Owners Manual"

  • 16 pages of accurate, personal insights
  • ​5-Week Syllabus & Course
  • ​7 Videos
  • ​6 Audio Recordings
  • ​3 Workbooks
  • ​2 "About Me" Guides
  • ​BONUS: Side-By-Side Romantic Type Pairs
  • ​BONUS: Transcending Type Workshop
Full Owner Manual 5-Week Program
Full Program: 5-Week Course — Instant Access
  • 5-Week Syllabus & Course
  • 16 Page Report
  • 7 Videos + 6 Audios + 3 Workbooks
  • 2 "About Me" Guides
  • BONUS: Side-By-Side Type Paring
  • BONUS: Transcending Type
You're in good company! Do you know these famous INTJs?
Carl Jung
Psychiatrist, Psychologist
Thomas Sowell
Economist, Author
Jodie Foster
Actor, Film Maker
What Others Are Saying:
"Since my childhood I have felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I have thoroughly researched my 'profile' through other avenues yet have not been provided with the detail that links it all together - you provided that for me."
- Helen
"I always wondered why I had such an ability of finding new information and integrating it into my worldview. Once I started acting on developing my Growth State, new worlds of possibility and opportunity opened up. It was like magic.
- Evan
"You have granted me a new level of understanding about myselfThis grants me a level of sense of self acceptance that is practically life saving. Thank you for changing my life." 
- Romi
"I didn't understand the meat and bones of the MBTI, that is, the cognitive functions. It is easy to read the stereotypical profiles on other websites and be completely misled into thinking that you are one type when you are really another.

That is why I am so grateful for your very honest thoughts! 

I discovered that I truly am an ENTP!"
- Lauren
"The simplicity and usability of the information has been remarkable. Together we were able to create breakthroughs in a matter of months where we had been stuck for years."
- Ivan
"My profile caused me to have rich, deep appreciation for myself that I have never had before." 
- Bill
When you invest in your INTJ Owners Manual, you get 30 FULL DAYS to decide if it's right for you.
If for any reason you’re not happy with your Owners Manual, let us know here and you'll get a full refund.
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