Antonia Dodge
Success & Mindset Coach
Published author, coach, trainer, systems thinker, and personality profiling expert. 

With over 10 years in applied psychoanalytics, Antonia has personality profiled hundreds of people and consulted for companies such as Abbott, Amazon, CNN, American Express, Oracle and Zappos.

For nearly a decade, she has co-hosted the popular Personality Hacker podcast, and developed dozens of high level trainings, products and resources.

Her and her husband Joel lead a weekly membership community  "Personality Quest" designed to harness the power of personality type to transform your work, relationships, and life.

What Is It Like To Do 1-1 Personality Coaching with Antonia?

Hear from actual clients who have worked with Antonia Dodge. 

This video showcases Antonia's coaching methodology, the unique benefits of personality-based coaching, past client feedback, and Q&A.

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1-1 Coaching with Antonia this Fall

Are you looking to do some focused, 1-1 personality-based growth work this Fall? 

Maybe you are trying to work on a certain goal, overcome a challenging pattern, or design a life that's more ergonomic to your natural wiring.

Private coaching can help accelerate your progress through individualized focus and attention, targeted advice, tools and solutions that honor your natural wiring, and creating the unique conditions to facilitate breakthroughs. 

This Fall, Antonia has a few coaching spots available. 

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Deadline: Sunday, October 1 (midnight) 

"Personal Permission is something we don't know we need until we get it"
~ Antonia Dodge
Step 1: Discover Your Unique Genius
Start your exploration here. Get to know your brain's natural configurations by examining your abilities, talents, and life goals as Antonia guides you through this insightful self-analysis experience.

During this initial phase, you'll learn the distinct makeup of your mind, identifying your innate talents and preferences that distinguish you. This process incorporates the Myers-Briggs system, a reflective tool for understanding our world perception and decision-making processes, as well as other valuable frameworks.

A deeper exploration will enable you to better comprehend your motivations, ambitions, and your ultimate life objectives. Appreciate your uniqueness and begin to see the power in your distinctiveness. Antonia will accompany you on this enlightening exploration, helping you unlock your unique potential and laying the groundwork for significant personal growth.
Step 2: Take Control of Your Mindset & Growth
Once you identify your mind's cognitive makeup you are now able to apply the results toward development and channel that knowledge into a personal growth plan. Antonia will help you foster a growth-oriented mindset, building your resilience, enhancing your emotional intelligence, and empowering you to transcend beyond your limitations. 

Together, you will explore actionable strategies and techniques, using your unique attributes to your advantage in achieving personal and professional goals. This part of the journey is about embracing change, fostering an environment of continuous learning, and taking a proactive role in your growth. It's a life-changing investment that yields dividends in enhanced self-awareness, increased confidence, and a strong sense of fulfillment.
Step 3: Create An Ergonomic Lifestyle
The third pillar of Antonia's coaching program harmonizes your lifestyle to support and sustain the success you've built. Ergonomics, often associated with workplace and design, is not just about physical comfort but also about efficiency and well-being in all aspects of life. Here, Antonia will guide you on how to design your life ergonomically to align with your newly discovered self - whether it's managing your time, shaping your environment, or balancing your relationships. 

Make your everyday life not just comfortable, but also productive, healthy, and fulfilling. The ergonomic lifestyle approach helps in minimizing stress, avoiding burnout, and maximizing your overall potential. It's the art of creating a personalized lifestyle blueprint that complements your uniqueness and supports your journey towards success.
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