Personality Hacker Presents...
Your Personality "Owners Manual"

Learn key growth strategies for your personality.
Set up an ergonomic life that serves your unique mental wiring.
Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt - Teaching From The Main Stage At Profiler Training Los Angeles
Each event is limited to 25 participants
  • 2 Sessions (One Day live event in the city of your choice below + A Followup Zoom Call)
  • Free Starter Kit: Choose one free 16 Personality Starter Kit. +$67 value
  • Owner's Manual Digital: After the live workshop - we will set you up with a digital copy of "Your Personalty: The Owner's Manual"  (no longer available to the public in our program catalog) +$297 Value
  • ​Additional Bonus Program (Choose one):
    Intuitive Awakening, Rapid Customer Rapport, Empowered: For INFJs & INFPs, INTx Unleashed, Couples Mapping. +$197 Value

Autumn 2021 "Owner's Manual" Workshop Dates

(please choose a date and city)

We will come together for a full day of workshop training and exercises. We end with a virtual session to help you integrate all the learning and growth into your day to day life.

Austin, TX


Sept 25 - Live Workshop (In-Person, Austin)

Oct 16 - Debrief Session (Virtual on Zoom)

Portland, OR

Oct 2 - Live Workshop (In-Person, Portland)

Oct 16 - Debrief Session (Virtual on Zoom)

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